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DeWALT DCD985M2 20V Hammerdrill/Driver – A look inside

The DCD985M2 Hammerdrill/driver is now the replacement model for the previous DCD985L2. What’s the difference? The DCD985M2 now comes with Dewalt’s 4.0ah batteries DCB204 packing in an additional 33% longer runtime over the previous DCB200 3.0ah batteries at the same weight of 5.2lbs. If the DCD985 looks familiar, it is. It is the 18v version of the DCD950 & DCD970 models with a few minor changes, and a 1lb in weight saving. The DCD985 offers the new 20v max grip, my current favorite on the market. Dewalt was able to slim up the grip with the 20v slide-pack batteries...

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DeWALT 20V vs Milwaukee 18V – Friday Night Tool Fight

Chevy vs Ford, Lowes vs Home Depot and Boeing vs Airbus are all good examples of rivals.  Well we took two of the biggest tool brand rivals and put their latest 20V and 18V drills to the test.  Don’t be fooled by the 20V MAX you don’t get an extra 2 volts, the M18 is also a 20V MAX.  Basically fully charged under a no load condition both batteries have 20V.  DeWALT decided to market it as a 20V which other manufacturers are also doing now.  We used Milwaukee’s “Drill Killer” 1″ auger bit, which earned  this name after...

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DEWALT DCD985 vs Milwaukee M18 2604 – Cant we all just get along!

A few months back Milwaukee Tool started comparing 18V FUEL drills to the Makita 2nd generation brushless 18v Drill.  Milwaukee pretty much smoked the Makita!  So now that Milwaukee is gloating as the king of the hill, DeWALT  has to come along and rain on the parade.  DeWALT has released some durability videos comparing the two. I am a huge DeWALT fan and think the DCD985 is the best drill on the market and it is not even brushless,  however I have to leave that at the door on this one and let my editorial instinct take over.  To be fair...

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