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DeWALT 4.0 Ah 20V MAX Metal Cutting Circular Saw DCS373M2 – Review

Everyone is touting Brushless and 4.0Ah technology, you see it everywhere.  Well DeWALT has nonchalantly entered the 4.0Ah battery market with the DCS373M2 metal cutting circular saw.  Metal cutting circular saws allow you to cut through material like rebar and steel track in seconds and the best feature is that the steel stays cool.  The 5-1/2″ circular saw did a great job of cutting through everything we threw at it.  It didn’t bog down at all.  It has a 1-11/16″ depth of cut at 90 degrees.  It has a blade lock and an included allen wrench for easy blade changes....

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DeWALT DWE575 7 1/4″ Lightweight Circular Saw – Review

Before I even start talking about this saw I have to state that Eric stole the Dewalt DWE575 from me.  Yes, that is right “Mr Bosch and Milwaukee” liked it so much he took it!  He gave me some excuse that he needs it for a job blah blah blah..  I will never see it again, luckily it is a bargain at around $100.  Just the fact that he took the saw should tell you that it is an awesome circular saw.  At 8.8 lbs it is one of the the lightest 7 1/4″ circular saws that I know...

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Dewalt Corded Circular Saw – DW368

While Dan doesn’t like circular saws, I love them.  Something about being able to rip through wood, the sound, the feel.  Yeah I am a little weird, I guess you could say I have a saw fetish.  When Dan told me we were going to do an overview of the Dewalt saw which is a 7-1/4″, I have to saw I was rather excited because the only saws I have are either cordless or wormdrive saws.  Since this is an inline saw and Dan hates saws, I knew I was getting a new saw I could keep and use. Before...

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DEWALT DCS391L1 20V MAX 3.0 Ah Max Li-Ion Circular Saw Kit

We have been using the 20V line for a little while now and really like the run time and power of these tools.  The DCS391L1 compliments the 20v line. The saw is ergonomic and durable, something we have to come to expect from DeWALT.  The DCS391L1 has a magnesium shoe and uses an included 6-1/2 in. carbide tipped blade for cutting 2x material at 90 degrees and 45 degrees.  The saw spins at 3700 RPM and can cut 0-50 Degree bevel with ease. It uses DeWALT’s 20V 3.0 Ah Battery which give it a good run time.  The tool itself...

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Dewalt TrackSaw Review – Model Number DWS520K

    We just finished our review of the Dewalt TrackSaw.  Wow, what an amazing product.  We are just wondering why Dewalt didn’t introduce it to the states earlier.  Actually, this saw was being sold in Europe for awhile, but now it is being sold in the U.S.  If you are trying to figure out what the next power tool should be to add to your collection, take a serious look at this TrackSaw as you won’t be disappointed. Dewalt makes two versions of the TrackSaw, a corded and cordless saw.  The cordless version runs on a 28VLithium Ion battery.  Both saws have a 47 degree bevel capacity and use a 6.5″ saw blade.  The Cordless version has a no load speed of 3500, while the corded version has a no load rate of 1750-4000.  In regards to weight, both are extremely light.  The cordless version weights 12.3lbs and the corded weights in at 11.5lbs.  The depth cut for both versions are 2-1/8″ @ 90 degrees and 1-5/8″ at @ 45 degrees.  Some of the other features both saws have are the dust post which you can hook up to your dust collector, keeping messes at a minimum, and an anti-kick back and riving knife feature for protection from kick backs.  There is also a low profile blade guard which allows the saw to be used in confined spaces. For our review we tested the corded...

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