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DEWALT DPG82-11C Anti-Fog Safety Goggles – Great Gift

Losing a few fingers is no biggie, but losing an eye or 2 can slow you down.  Here it Tools In Action safety is paramount. Any eye protection is better than no eye protection but these goggles from DeWALT are the cats meow.  They are ventilated and won’t fog up.   They have an optional tinted shield that works great when using a plasma cutter. Check them out for under $12 at...

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DeWALT Wearable Backing Flap Discs – Review

A few months back DeWALT released a new line of flap discs. I thought to myself how could flap discs change the way I work?  Well after using them for a few months now I realize they have changed the playing field.  Instead of using a grinding disc then going to a sanding disc, I can accomplish it all with just one DeWALT flap disc. Check them out on Amazon The results of these discs really has to be seen to be believed, they automatically wear down to cloth allowing full use of the cloth which increases the life...

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DeWALT Impact Ready Tough Case Set DWMTCIR20 – Review

Its not often I get excited over a bit set, but the new DWMTCIR20 20 piece tough case set  really lives up to the tough name.  First it comes with the DeWALT tough case which is awesome!  It is made out of the same tough material that the drills are made out of and instead of the usual yellow its black.  The case has magnets on the back and can adhere to any ferrous material.  I have loaded the case to full capacity and it had no issues holding on.  The kit also includes the most common impact driver accessories...

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Dewalt Impact Ready – DW2169

Having a good impact set is nice, but having a great one is awesome.  Now depending upon who you are and what your looking for this could either be a good set or a great set.  We think this will be a set you will love or hate.  Here is what we are going to do.  We all know how exciting an impact set can be to read and we know you have your coffee ready, finished your smoke and are ready for a nice long review.  Well sorry to disappoint you, this is going to be a quick...

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Dewalt 38 Piece Impact Ready Kit DW2169

One of the most used power tool accessories are drill bits.  So with that being said, it’s important to have a quality set that you can rely on.  A couple times in the past I thought I was getting a great deal when I could get a 50 piece set for dirt cheap.  I was smart, I was saving money.  Only to find out they were junk sets.  The bits didn’t fit screw heads tights.  I ended up breaking heads, stripping screws, well I am sure you have experienced this sometime in your life.  That’s why I don’t care anymore about...

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