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Delta Portable Planer 13″ – Model 22-590 Review

Having the right tool for a job makes all the difference.  The right tool means saving time, saving money and producing quality work.  It also saves your sanity because there is nothing more frustrating than trying to get a job done with the wrong tool or a cheap tool.  That’s why we were excited about getting our hands on the Delta Planer model 22-590.  Delta has a long history of making planers and is known for quality, so lets see if the 22-590 matches Delta’s reputation.   Specifications of the Delta 13″ Portable Planer 6″ Max Stock thickness 3 Double Sided Cutting Knives 15 Amp...

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Delta Midi Lathe 46-460 Review

This is my second Delta Lathe, and I have been happy with my purchases thus far. My first Delta Lathe was an older model I picked up used from a friend. This newer model feels like a caddy compared to my older Delta. Whats in the box: Delta 12 1/2″ Midi Lathe 6″ Tool Rest 10″ Tool Rest Live Center Spur Center Faceplate Wrench 3mm Hex Wrench Knock-out Bar Owner’s Manual Everything was well packaged, and assembled. The only thing needed out of the box is mounting it to your stand, or workbench of choice. A quick wipe up...

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