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Christmas Gift Guide for Dad’s

I am not sure if I am writing this post for everyone out there or writing this so my wife sees it and gets ideas for me.  Either way here are a couple cool things that I think would be great for any dad.  If you are a dad reading this, you may want to forward this to your wife and just play it off as a link to a funny joke.  Hopefully she will keep reading and get some ideas.  So I guess I need a joke. As the lawyer awoke from surgery, he asked, “Why are all...

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5 Tools Any Dad Should Own

Now keep in mind when I made this list, you have to understand I am a dad with two boys who are 6 and 4 years old.  If you have daughters or older or younger children, your list might be different, but I have no way of telling.  If you do have a different list, leave a comment below and let us know.  The other day I was cleaning up some cereal and I was thinking about the most used tools I use because of my kids and decided to make this list. Now you can use any brand of...

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2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Okay, I am going to give you a great piece of advice and this little trick will allow you to get any tool, toy or gadget you want.  Is it deceptive?  Heck yes, but that’s okay.  Let’s say you want something this year, but you know there is no chance your wife will get it for you.  Here is the trick.  Turn it around like you need it for something good.  Next time you’re with her, just point out something in the house that needs to be fixed.  Make sure it’s something very simple and won’t take more than...

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Top 15 Tool Gifts for Dad on Christmas

Well for Mom’s Christmas list we didn’t have many tools, but for Dad’s list, I think it is all tools.  We tried to be realistic and think about price, but sometimes it was hard.  We had to throw some whoppers in as they would make great gifts. Bosch Glide Saw – Okay we know this is very pricey for a gift, but we had to throw one dream gift on the list.  This saw is amazing and Dad will surely love you for this gift. Milwaukee Combo Kit – I just moved my tools over to Milwaukee and love them.  They have a large line of tools for dad to upgrade in the future. Milwaukee Knife – Who doesn’t love a good knife?  The Milwaukee Fastback is awesome. Dewalt 20V Kit – Dewalt has their new line out.  The 20V is a great set for Dad.  Not to mention their 12V line of tools.  They don’t have many to offer, but the ones they have are very nice. Radio – If your dad has a cordless set, a radio is a great addition.  You can get one for his 18V set for about $100.  Just make sure you take a video of your dad grooving to the oldies so you can pop it up on YouTube. Universal Max Axess 19 Piece Set – Craftsman’s new line of socket tools.  Who doesn’t love...

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