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That’s Not a Knife – this is a Knife – CRKT2125KV

I am a huge fan of knives and Dan isn’t so much.  He tends to cut himself a lot, so I try to keep them away from him.  Especially the CRKT 2125KV, this is one bad a** knife.  From the tip to the end, this screams quality and don’t mess with me. The handle has over 70 triangular grip segments which means it gives more control and allows mud and water to drain away from the handle.  The contour of the handle does feel great in your hand and I have average size hands.  The blade is 1.4116 stainless...

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CRKT M16-14SF Big Dog Aluminum Tanto Blade

What can I say about this knife you probably haven’t already heard.  This is a quality knife.  The knife opens smoothly, feels nice in your hands and is just an all around great knife.  I like the double locking feature of the knife, but it might not be your first choice for EDC, but again not sure if it is really designed for that.  This is more of a knife that is built to take abuse.  Once you get the concept of closing the knife, you can close it with one hand which might make it an EDC choice....

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CRKT Realtree K480CXP Knife

This was a huge surprise to me.  This was my first CRKT knife.  I have heard they were great knives, but when I first opened it, I have to say I was disappointed.  The knife felt lightweight and wasn’t what I was expecting.  Then I opened the knife and that is when I saw the light come down from above and the soft voices sing.  Well maybe that was an exaggeration, but it did impress me.  After researching the knife, I understood why the knife felt lightweight.  Not because it was cheap, but because it was built that way....

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