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Stanley Black & Decker Acquires Craftsman Tools from Sears for 900 Million Dollars

Its no surprise to people that buy tools regularly that Sears has been in bad shape for years, and that Sears selling its popular brands was something that was going to happen eventually. Everyone has heard of Kennmore, Craftsman, and Diehard it was just a matter of if and when Sears had to sell those brand names. The surprising thing is SBD aka Stanley Black and Decker bought Craftsman so soon after just acquiring the tool arm of Newell Rubbermaid which included the brands Irwin, Lenox, and Hilmore. The Craftsman purchase is more interesting because they sell tools from...

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Craftsman: Back In The USA?

For decades Sear’s Craftsman was a staple in the garages and shops of America. Found in the hands of DIY guys and professionals alike, Craftsman became the standard by which all other brands were gauged. In the eyes of many, anything better was a professional tool and anything less was inferior. For nearly 90 years Craftsman’s combination of American made quality and legendary warranty ensured it’s perpetual popularity, but a couple of years ago that began to change. In an attempt to return the struggling retailer to profitability, Sears began conducting Craftsman focus groups and in doing so, concluded...

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Craftsman 20″ 40-volt Rear Discharge Electric Lawn Mower

The week rolls along with the all new Craftsman 40V lawnmower.  This season we were lucky enough to test a variety of battery powered lawnmowers.  Out of all the lawnmowers we tested, I really thought the Craftsman would be my least favorite.  Not sure why, just a hunch.  If you know me, you know I am usually wrong about my hunches and this time it wasn’t any different.  While it did have a couple downsides to the mower, the Craftsman turned out to be one of my favorite mowers this summer. A couple things I loved about the mower...

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Craftsman – New Radio Charger With Bluetooth

This new radio charger is has some cool new features like the ability to hook on to garage organizer tracks, and blue tooth connectivity. The other huge feature is it will also charge your batteries. That was a complaint a lot of people had with previous radios from other companies besides Dewalt who has a key patent on radios that would also charge your battery. That patent has run out and every one is releasing radio chargers now. Sears has been really pushing the C3 platform and releasing new tools lately.  They have cordless nailers and ratchet that uses...

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New 12V Nextec Heated Jackets From Craftsman

This winter Craftsman is launching some heated jackets on their 12V Nextec platform. Craftsman has kind of neglected their 12v platform have seemingly most of their development in their 18 volt C3 lineup of tools. I don’t think Sears has the market share to support two cordless platforms at the moment. Back to the Jackets, it’s pretty obvious they are based on the previous model of Milwaukee heated Jackets with Craftsman logos instead of Milwaukee. If you didn’t know TTI, Milwaukee Power Tool’s parent company is an OEM for some Craftsman tools, noticeably the Nextec and C3 cordless tools...

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Sears Takes Another Blow

Founded in 1886 by a Railroad Station Agent who decided to sell a shipment of unwanted watches, Sears Roebuck & Company would go on to become America’s largest retailer. In a time when very few American’s had access to a telephone, Sear’s catalog revolutionized American retail. Through the 20th century Sears was a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and in the eyes of many, “too big to fail”. Over the last few years Sears seems to have taken a heck of a crack at it though. Each quarter the news seems to get worse and worse. In...

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D’oh! Who Makes What Tools? (Correction)

Hey, everyone makes a Boo Boo now and then, and it turns out I am non-exempt. Last month we published my “Who Makes What Tools?” article (read it HERE), which as it turns out, had an error in it. Of course it wasn’t long after it was shared over at the Garage Journal that a member there, JCFields, called me out on it. I posted this pic of a particular style Craftsman screwdriver and stated it was made by Western Forge. You’ll also notice I stated that Western Forge makes all 3 styles of Craftsman screwdrivers. As it turns...

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Craftsman Tool Box – Lifetime Warranty

I remember 20 years ago when I worked at a car dealership and I got my first tool box.  It was a Craftsman Rally Box.  I still have the box today and it has lasted me 20 years.  So when I got a new Craftsman tool box I wasn’t worried about the longevity of it, especially with the lifetime warranty.. The box has DynaGlide ball bearings that make the drawers operate smoothly with up to 100 lbs in them.  The drawers stay closed even when they are not locked thanks to the GripLatch system.  The drawer handle rotates up...

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Craftsman Lawn Mower Cut Report

This is the gas mower I thought would take top spot, so did it?  Come on I can’t tell you that now, then the rest of the cut report would be useless.  Okay it still will probably be useless, but let’s give it a shot.  One thing I was dead wrong on in our initial overview of this mower was the noise level.  As Harry Cary would say, Holy Cow, this thing is quiet.  Now it’s not as quiet as the battery mower, but compared to the other gas mowers, you can really hear the difference.  As I did say...

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Craftsman 22″ Quiet AWD Lawn Mower

Is it a big powered train?  Is it a Cadillac? No, it’s a Craftsman 22″ lawn mower, but it sure resembles a Cadillac.  Okay not really, but in terms of lawn mowers it has all the bells and whistle.  First, let’s talk about the engine.  The lawn mower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton quiet engine.  Yes, the engine is quiet compared to other lawn mowers, but not as quiet as the commercials claim.  Starting it up can’t be any easier, just push a button.  Yep that’s right it has a push button start for a gas powered...

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