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Craftsman Auto Hammer

The Articulating Auto Hammer, the next generation of Auto Hammers by Craftsman.  So what is so special about this and do you really need it?  Before we answer that question we have to understand when we would use this tool.  Before we understand when we would use this tool, we have to have a basic understanding of fasteners. There are a lot of different fasteners on the market, but since this article is about the auto hammer, we are going to touch quickly on two types, the nail and the screw which are the most common types of fasteners...

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Craftsman 12v Nextec Drill/Driver

Every manufacture has been coming out with their 12V line and Craftsman is no different.  However Craftsman does have something very unique which I will touch on in a bit.  If your a homeowner and want a drill/driver that is quality and at a fraction of the price, this is a great buy. I have owned a craftsman 75th anniversary 18V since 2000 and have beat the heck out of it, so I am a huge fan of their products for the homeowner.  That’s why when I heard about the new Nextec line, I was very excited.  Well I...

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