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Ridgid Hyper Driver Nailers

Ridgid has been expanding their cordless line and coming out with some great additions to their lineup.  Now you can count in two more tools to their lineup, the Hyper Drive nailers.  Ridgid brought to market two new nailers, the 18 (Model # R09890B) and 16 (Model # R09892B) gauge nailers. So what makes these so special?  First, as you can see there isn’t a place to hook up an air hose, which makes sense since these are powered by their 18V battery.  So no hose to untangle, no heavy air compressors to haul around and no loud compressor...

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Paslode’s New Cordless XP Framing System CF325XP

A long, long time ago we took a look at the Paslode CF325.  Today we are going to show you the next generation, the Paslode CF325XP. For me and others, Paslode has always been a top brand for nailers.  Their roofing, framing, finish and other nailers are one of the best nailers around.  The reason they got this image is because they have always made very dependable and quality nailers.  Now they just released their next generation nailer, the CF325XP.  As you can guess by the model number being pretty close to the same, the tool is pretty much...

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New Porter Cable Nailers

Porter Cable just released two new 20V Max Nailers.  They released the 18 Gauge Narrow Crown Stapler kit model PCC791LA and the 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Kit model PCC790LA.  I was going to do two separate articles on these nailers, but since they are pretty close to being the same, I figured I would condense it into one article. Both of these nailers comes in kits which means you get the tool, 1- 1.5Ah battery, a charger and some nails or staples depending upon which one you buy.  For me, I think these are more designed for the Home...

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DeWALT DCN660 20V Brushless 16 Gauge Finish Nailer

We have done a ton of nailers in recent years.  While we love the idea of being free from the air hose and noisy compressor, it always seems like battery powered nailers are still not at the top of the game and can’t compete with air nailers.  However, today that has changed.  I have to say this is the best battery powered finish nailer on the market, hands down.  I am sure you’re asking why. Simple, this does two things that some of the other battery powered nailers haven’t been able to do.  First, this nailer is very consistent....

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Ryobi 16-Gauge Cordless Finish Nailer – P325

Let’s face it, Ryobi makes some great tools for a great price point.  The P325 is their latest edition to their 18V battery nailer line up.  This is their third nailer in their 18V platform.  As you know we have liked their other two nailers and this one isn’t any different.  As with the other nailers, this uses Airstrike technology to deliver a powerful punch.  Not only does this have some power behind it, but it has some cool features like dryfire lock out, tool free jam clearing system, two ways to control the depth of the shot, a...

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Senco FinishPro 21LXP Pin Nailer

It’s no surprise that if you want to use a nailer for finish work you really only have two real options.  You can either use a 18 gauge brad nailer or a 23 gauge pin nailer.  The 23 gauge is nice because it doesn’t leave a big hole after you fire a nail.  On the downside, it doesn’t have the best holding power.  With an 18 gauge, you get the holding power, but you also get a bigger hole.  With the new Senco 21LXP Senco is trying to bridge the gap so you get the holding power of an...

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Ryobi 18 Ga Cordless Crown Stapler P360

Just when you thought Ryobi couldn’t fit another tool in their already massive 18V line up, they had to jam another one through.  The Air Strike P360 is an 18 ga cordless narrow crown stapler.  No one will argue Ryobi has the best distribution channel and I don’t think anyone will argue this is a perfect fit for their 18V line up. While the LED, balance and power of the tool are great, a tool-less way to clear a jam would have been a nice added feature. What We Like Power is great LED works great Fairly consistent Easy...

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Dewalt 20V Cordless Nailer DCN690 Review

Today is finally here, something you guys have been asking for us to review for a long time, the Dewalt DCN690 review.  This is Dewalt’s new 20V Nailers, so let’s see how it stacks up and what it has to offer.  People have had a hard time finding this product in the U.S. but we found ours at Power Tool Super Center which is part of Tool Nut. Before we start I have to admit before using this nailer I was a huge fan of the Paslode Framing Nailer.  The issue I had with the Paslode is the expense...

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Ryobi 18GA Cordless Brad Nailer Review P320

A lot of manufacturers are coming out with nailers that don’t use air lines or fuel, they run simply off of an 18V battery.  Senco, Ridgid, Dewalt and others, just to name a few.  Now it’s time to learn about the Ryobi 18V cordless nailer. Ryobi has always been a great brand of tools, but lately they have seemed to really step up their game and make a lot more appealing and variety of power tools.  The P320 Brad nailer is a prime example.  This nailer which is called AirStrike is powered only by an 18V battery which means...

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Senco F-16A 5P0001N Cordless Nailer – The Future in Cordless Nailing

When Eric told me I was going to review an F-16 I was very excited.  I went right to Ebay to find a flight suit and helmet.  Then it dawned on me that he was talking about the Senco Fusion F-16A nailer.  I was still very excited because the Fusion is an innovative out of the box technology that is in a league of its own.  Sure there are other cordless nailers but the Fusion does not need fuel and doesn’t have a ramp up delay like flywheel nailers.  I have been using the Fusion F-18 for over a...

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