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Bosch 12V Jig Saw Model JS120BN

As you know I am a huge fan of Bosch tools and believe they make one of the toughest tools around.  So when I heard Bosch was coming out with a new 12V Jig Saw, it was a tool I knew I needed to take a closer look at.  As you can see by the picture, this is a barrel style grip jig saw, which I tend to prefer.  Barrel grips just seem to have more control and are easier to maneuver around your work. Like most 12V batteries, the Bosch doesn’t have a fuel status gauge on the...

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Black & Decker 20V Cordless Jigsaw BDCJS20B

We haven’t done a whole lot of Black and Decker on TIA, but the items we have tried, we have liked.  Black and Decker is designed for the homeowner.  As a homeowner, you are not using your tools everyday, so why spend a lot of money only for the tool to sit on the shelf.  So as you can image, Black and Decker tools have a low price point. However don’t let the price fool you because you do get a great bang for your buck. Black and Decker has been expanding their 20V line of tools and today,...

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Friday Night Tools Fight – Cordless Jig Saws

OK, it’s not Friday night, but we recently did a Friday Night Tool fight between the Dewalt, Milwaukee and the Metabo cordless Jig Saws.  All of these Jig Saws are sold as bare tools or in a kit.  The model number on the Milwaukee is 2645-22, Metabo STA 18LT and the Dewalt is DCS331. We tested each Jig Saw with a 4 A/h battery.  We used Bosch Jig Saw wood blades to cut through a 2×4.  We wanted to see how many feet we could get off each fully charged battery.  Next we did a quick scrolling test to...

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DeWALT DCS331L1 20V MAX Li-ion Jigsaw with 3.0ah battery – Review

DeWALT has been flexing some muscle in the saw market lately.  The DCS331 resembles the 18V DC330, it has the same 1″ stroke and 3000 spm, however with the addition of 20V lithium power and the 20V ergonomic handle design make it an all new beast.  It has plenty of power and really impressed us.  The saw feels solid and well built, I have had a DC330 for many years, it still works perfect.  With the included 3.0 Li-ion battery allows for fade free power and extended run times. The balance of this saw is great.  When we cut though...

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Milwaukee M18 Jig Saw – 2645-22

Recently we did a review of the Milwaukee M12 Jig Saw.  I have to say I wasn’t expecting much for a 12V, but this saw really surprised me.  The power was great, but the feel and balance were incredible.  So naturally we had to take it one step further and take a look at the Milwaukee 18V Jig Saw model 2645-22.  This model comes with the Jig Saw, one 1 Hr Charger, 2 M18 XC Batteries (High Capacity), 1 Blade, Non-Marring Shoe and a nice case. The first thing I noticed when I ripped open the cardboard box, was how big...

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Milwaukee M12 Cordless Jig Saw Review

Milwaukee did it again.  They added another cool tool to their already massive M12 line.  We first saw this tool when we attended the Milwaukee Event.  I have to say when I first heard about the saw, I really didn’t think much of it.  After picking the jig saw up and playing with it, I couldn’t wait to find stuff to cut.  I was amazed by the feel, the control and the power. After waiting many months for the saw to hit the market, the day finally came.  I couldn’t wait to open the box and start playing with it.  Actually it...

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Metabo Cordless Jig Saw STA 18 LTX – Work Don’t Play

I like to think of Metabo as the Unimog of tools.  The Unimog is a truck made by Mercedes Benz that is known for being a precisely well engineered durable machine.  “Work. Don’t Play”  is how Metabo operates and their tools reflect that.  I have been using the Metabo grinder a lot lately and have noticed some things, especially with the Metabo batteries, the air cooled charging system is awesome.  When the pack heats up from heavy use, it can be thrown on the charger hot and the charger will actually cool the battery.  When the charge cycle is...

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