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DeWALT DCF889HM2 Impact Wrench – More Power

The lackluster DeWALT DCF889 just got an upgrade with 100 more ft. lbs. of torque.  The DCF889HM2 is now available at The Home Depot.  DeWALT didn’t stop there they also increased the IPM to 2300 and the RPMs to 1500.  Still not industry leading power but this tool is good for most jobs including driving lags. Not too much is know yet about this tool but we will keep you posted.   Check out this Russian using...

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Mac 12V 3/8″ Impact Wrench – BWP038

As you know, we recently reviewed Mac’s new 20V 1/2″ BWP050. It was a great performer and really surpassed my expectations. Aside from the placement of the LED light, it really didn’t have any downside. I loved the gun and intended to use it on our race trailer, but I quickly realized it was simply too much gun for an ATV application. Aside from the size, the level of power the BWP050 offers could easily damage the aluminum covers and housings. I really like the platform and seeing how we’re using the Mac 12V ratchet (reviewed HERE), I really...

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Ingersoll Rand W7250 1/2″ 20V Cordless Impact 2″ Extended Anvil

Ingersoll Rand has been the staple of automotive impacts for years.  The W7250 is basically the same as the W7150 20v impact we tested except for the addition of  2″ extended anvil to get into longer situations.  The 6.8 lb tool has an industry leading 780 ft lbs of torque.  The mechanics that we let use this tool loved it. The charger has USB charging port on it and is audible to let you know when the charge is complete.  It also has LED status lights to gauge the remaining charge time. The mechanic at the local marina we work with is...

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Ingersoll Rand W5330-K2 3/8″ IQV20 20V Right Angle Impact – HammerHead

Todays video is all for the mechanic.  Mechanics always have a tough time getting in small areas, especially with todays cars.  Ingersoll Rand is a brand that has many years of proven reliability in the automotive field.  The perfected their air tools and for years have been the name to get.  Since releasing their cordless IQ12 and IQ20 line, they have opened up an entirely new freedom for the mechanic.  The W7150 cordless impact pretty much replaces any air impact on the market.  It had some insane power.   Now with the W5330 you get impact power in the...

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Mac 20V Impact Wrench – BWP050

If you’re a regular TIA reader, it’s not breaking news that Mac recently revamped their cordless line with a pretty impressive lineup powered by Dewalt’s proven 20V Max platform. You may have even read my recent review of the 12V Ractchet from said lineup. If you’ve come here from Google you might also be aware that TIA is currently the only tool blog on which you’ll find reviews of Mac’s new cordless lineup. That’s important right? I mean, almost 6,000 people have summited Mt. Everest, but Sir Edmund Hillary is probably the only one you can name.   Features...

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Bosch Brushless Impact Wrench – IWBH182-01L

Bosch has been bringing their A game to the table with their new line up of Brushless tools.  This time they introduced the IWBH182-01L which is a 1/2″ Pin Detent Impact Wrench.  Is it the strongest on the market?  No.  Is it the only one with 3 speed?  No.  But this is the only one on the market that has the whole package.  While this tool does give up torque, it doesn’t lack on speed.  So if 1,650 in-lbs of torque is going to get you through the day, then this is the tool to have. The extra speed means...

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Bosch IDH182 18V EC Brushless Socket Ready Impact – Tools in Action Pro

If you are reading this post you are in for a real treat.  This is our first installment of Tools in Action Pro.  While we visit a lot of job sites, we rarely ever document our encounters with the pro.  Mainly because of the time factor involved in trying to align schedules and the amount of time we have to spend on each video.  Our normal videos take hours of time between creating and editing the videos.  Being on site with a contractor is much more involved because there are so many variables out of our control, plus all the...

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Ingersoll Rand W7150 1/2 In. 20 V High-Torque Impact Wrench – King of the Nut Busters

A few years back at SEMA we got our first glimpse of the new IQ20 cordless line and the W7150 from Ingersoll Rand.  While we didn’t get to test it, we did get to touch and feel it.  It stood out as a quality tool from its polished aluminum casing to its stout overall feel.  I can sum up the W7150 with one word “Power”.  It easily has the power of most pneumatics and is the most powerful cordless impact ever tested here at TIA. When you first open the case of the W7150 you notice how nice everything...

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel High Torque Impact Wrench Review

Yes, another M18 Fuel.  I can’t help it.  They keep slamming out new and cool tools to the market and we just have to get our hands on them.  For this one we took a look at the Milwaukee M18 High Torque Impact wrench model 2763-22. Before we get started I just have to say if you’re a mechanic, put your listening ears on. As you know when you see a Milwaukee Fuel you know a couple things without even looking any further.  First, since it says Fuel, you know it’s brushless.  You know you should have longer run...

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Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact Wrench Review – 2454-22

How nice would it be to have lots of power and quality in the palm of your hands and a tool that is lightweight?   Well that is exactly what Milwaukee is doing with their M12 Fuel line.  Unless you have been hiding in a cave, you are probably familiar with the new M12 Fuel line, which incorporated brushless motors.  While brushless technology isn’t new, the application of a small tool with lots of power is new in the M12 line.  As with the Milwaukee M12 Impact driver, this tool is a new addition to the ever growing M12...

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