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Makita XSH03M Brushless Circular Saw

A long time ago we did a review on Makita metal cutting saw.  While that was a great saw, we really haven’t had much experience with any of their newer saws, well at least not until today.  Today we get our hands on the Makita XSH03 Brushless 6 1/2″ 18V circular saw.  The kit comes with the saw, 2-18V batteries, a charger, blade and nylon bag.  Let’s start out with the power of this saw.  This saw delivers 5,000 rpm which is great for fast ripping or cutting of materials.  Not only is this saw fast, but it’s smart....

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Hilti SCM 18-Volt Cordless Metal Cutting Circular Saw

What can I say about Hilti that you don’t already know?   If you’re looking for quality, power and a company that backs their tools, Hilti is it.  That’s why when we had a chance to try out the SCM 18V Cordless Metal Saw I had to jump at it.  Now I am not saying I do much cutting with my daily work, but when you need to cut metal, I can say there is no better way. The first thing you notice with the saw is the balance and how well this feels in your hand. Now I...

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw Review

If you have been following us for some time, you know I am a huge fan of the Milwaukee Circular Saw 2630.  This is really my go to saw.  Now I am not saying I threw away my Skil Worm Drive because I didn’t.  However I sure don’t use it as much as I used to.  The Milwaukee saw is powerful and did a majority of applications I needed.  I wouldn’t have thought twice about updating this saw, I thought it was that good.  Well the people at Milwaukee did think about it and did upgrade the saw.  I...

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Bosch 18V Cordless CCS180 Circular Saw

  I have to say circular saws are one of my favorite tools to use. Wow, I can’t think of one tool I don’t say that about.  However there are plenty of times I hate dragging around a cord or the weight.  Luckily for us we live in an age where batteries have come a long way and we can use cordless circular saws for a lot of applications.  How nice is it to not have to worry about power or getting ticked off when the cord gets wrapped up around something towards the end of your cut?  I guess...

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DeWALT 4.0 Ah 20V MAX Metal Cutting Circular Saw DCS373M2 – Review

Everyone is touting Brushless and 4.0Ah technology, you see it everywhere.  Well DeWALT has nonchalantly entered the 4.0Ah battery market with the DCS373M2 metal cutting circular saw.  Metal cutting circular saws allow you to cut through material like rebar and steel track in seconds and the best feature is that the steel stays cool.  The 5-1/2″ circular saw did a great job of cutting through everything we threw at it.  It didn’t bog down at all.  It has a 1-11/16″ depth of cut at 90 degrees.  It has a blade lock and an included allen wrench for easy blade changes....

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DEWALT DCS391L1 20V MAX 3.0 Ah Max Li-Ion Circular Saw Kit

We have been using the 20V line for a little while now and really like the run time and power of these tools.  The DCS391L1 compliments the 20v line. The saw is ergonomic and durable, something we have to come to expect from DeWALT.  The DCS391L1 has a magnesium shoe and uses an included 6-1/2 in. carbide tipped blade for cutting 2x material at 90 degrees and 45 degrees.  The saw spins at 3700 RPM and can cut 0-50 Degree bevel with ease. It uses DeWALT’s 20V 3.0 Ah Battery which give it a good run time.  The tool itself...

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Milwaukee M18 Circular Saw – 2630-20

Oh the circular saw, who doesn’t love a good saw?  As you may or may not know, I upgrade my power tool line up with the M18 line.  I bought a combo kit, 2696-24 and love it.  The kit didn’t come with a circular saw, so I had to get one.  Luckily Milwaukee and every other manufacture sells them as a bare tool, which for this saw the model is 2630-20.  While for reciprocating saw, I usually grab my corded version, when it comes to circular saws, I usually go cordless unless I am cutting a lot of thick...

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Porter Cable Circular Saw Review – PCL186CS

Having a good little trim saw or circular saw around is nice.  Not that you will be ripping up sheets of plywood, but a good one can give you a couple of cuts when you don’t want to break out your corded circular saw to rip up some plywood.  The Porter Cable can give you some serious cutting ability especially when using the EX battery.  So lets jump in and talk about the Porter Cable Circular Saw model number PCL186CS that came in the Combo Kit we recently reviewed.   Specifications of the PCL186CS 6-1/2″ blade RPM 3,700 Depth...

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Makita 18V Cordless Metal Cutting Saw – BCS550

We are happy to do another Makita review.  A while back we did a lot of Makita reviews, but lately we have let the Makita reviews slide.  It’s a shame because we know a lot of you have emailed us about Makita and we dropped the ball.  Anyway, we always like testing any Makita tools as we know they are truly professional power tools.  One thing we have noticed, while a lot of manufacturers have been focusing on their 10.8 line, Makita has been jamming away with creating their 18V Lithium-ion line a complete line.  As you know balance with...

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Bosch CCS180 Circular Saw Review

Having a cordless circular can be a key in any project.  There are a lot of manufacturers who make cordless circular saws, but be careful before you just buy one.  Because of the type of work a circular saw does, this tends to put the most wear and tear on a battery compared to some other power tools.  So when you buy a circular saw, make sure it is a good professional grade.  Speaking of a professional power tool, this brings us to our review of the Bosch circular saw, model number CCS180. Bosch CCS180 Circular Saw Overview The Bosch circular saw is a great cordless saw to have around for jobs around the house or even on the job site.  You can buy this saw separately or as part of the Bosch combo kit.  The saw uses a 6 1/2″ thin Kerf blade.  This makes it capable of cutting through 2″ of material on a single pass.  This saw is powered by the 18V 2.6Ah battery, so the run time for this type of saw is sufficient for any longer jobs.  This circular saw will allow a user to make 50 degree bevel cuts. Bosch CCS180 Circular Saw Review Now as always, the first thing we are interested in is the balance of the tool we are reviewing and this is no different.  While balance is great for allowing the...

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