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RIDGID 4500RV 4.5 Gallon ProPack Wet/Dry Vac

Ridgid makes some of the best all around vacuums on the market.  They not only have full size vacuums, but they also have compact vacuums like the 4500rv.  The 4500rv is a 4.5 gallon vacuum that is in the shape of a tool box, so it is easy to store and also easy to carry around.  Don’t let the size full you, this small size vacuum has a 5 peak horsepower motor, which makes it perfect for a variety of different messes.  The one thing we really like about this vacuum is the storage....

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DeWALT DWV010 8 Gallon HEPA/RRP Dust Extractor

More than just a wet/dry vac the DWV010 Hepa dust extractor is a complete suction system.  It will not clog thanks to a self cleaning filter system.  Every 30 seconds or so the unit switches and blows out one of the filters. This makes sure filters will not be clogged with debris and hamper performance.  We were really impressed with the bigger 10 gallon DWV012.  This smaller unit doesn’t disappoint 4 heavy duty casters allow you to move the 21lb unit around.  The 15 amp motor provides up to 130 CFM of suction. The DWV010 is also tool activated, meaning you...

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Festool CT MIDI HEPA Dust Extractor Review – 583376

We have been reviewing a lot of Festools lately and the one thing I can say is they make incredible tools.  Now if you already own a tool by Festool, I am not telling you anything you don’t already know.  If you’re new to Festool and have been contemplating the jump, all I can say is they are worth every penny.  For me Festool is to woodworking as what Hilti is to concrete.  You will pay more, but you get great quality and a tool that will make your life much easier and produce for years to come.  With...

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Need a Last Minute Fathers Day Gift – RIDGID WD4070 Wet Dry Vac

It’s Fathers Day!  But wait, you forgot to get Dad a present.  No worries, because Home Depot is open for at least 6 more hours.  The RIDGID WD4070 4 gallon 5 hp Wet Dry Vac is a pint sized vac that packs some major power.  It does everything the big vacs can and it is portable at only 12lbs.  It includes:1-7/8” x 7’ Tug-A-Long Locking Hose, 2 Extensions Wands, Utility Nozzle, Crevice Tool, 3-Layer Fine Dust Filter and an owner’s manual.  You can also lock the hose onto the exhaust port making the unit an effective blower. I have...

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DeWALT D27905 10 Gallon Dust Extractor Vacuum – Breathe Easier

If you think about it the DeWALT D27905 can prolong your life.  Breathing dangerous dust everyday for 8 hours can damage your lungs so why not let a vacuum with a HEPA filter extract all your dust! The DeWALT D27905 10 Gallon Dust Extractor Vacuum is a must have for when you’re working in an environment that must stay clean.  The vacuum has an ingenious auto start feature that allows you to plug let’s say a miter saw into it,  it automatically turns on after you start the saw.  A powerful 9.0 Amp motor delivers 129 CFM of airflow and best of...

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