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Ridgid Variable Speed Belt Sander R28401

This has been one of those sanders I have been eyeballing for a long time.  There was always something about it.  Maybe the size or maybe the low profile, but either way I have been waiting to check this one out.  If you’re looking for a way to remove a massive amount of material quickly, well then you know you need a belt sander.  With a belt sander, there is no messing around.  I have to say while I have used this tool to an extent, I don’t have tons of hours on it.  But before I go on...

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Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex Sander Review

If you are a woodworker, then you know how Festool owns the woodworking market.  I can’t think of another manufacturer that even comes close.  Now before we started reviewing Festool, I didn’t have much experience with their products.  I could only go by what people told me over the years. One after another told me how great their tools were.  After starting to use some of these tools, I realized what all the big hoopla was about.  In my own comparison, I look at what Hilti is to concrete, Festool is to woodworking.  Yes, you will pay more with...

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Bosch 5″ Random Orbital Sander Review – ROS10

I was recently at a job and needed a sander.  Of course when I went out to my truck, my Dewalt wasn’t in there.  It was sitting at home on the shelf.  Since I needed a sander right away, I had to take a trip to my local Menards to buy a tool that I already own.  They offer a bunch of brands, but the two that stood out to me were the Bosch and Hitachi.   I don’t have much experience with Hitachi products, while Bosch I am pretty familiar with.  So for me the choice was easy...

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MIRKA CEROS 5″ Electrical Sander MIM55020CAUS – Review

Let me just start by saying sanders do not really excite me, until now that is.  I needed to find a sander to sand the top of Eric’s bald head because the glare was distracting when we were making videos.  So I searched for one of the best electrical sanders I could find.  I came upon the MIRKA Ceros 5″ while browsing ACME Tools and figured why not give it a try. The Mirka Ceros arrived in a nicely packed Systainer.  Systainer’s are innovative, but the plastic feels a bit too cheap to me compared with the Bosch L-Boxx,...

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Craftsman Detail Sander – 11647

You may have guessed a detail sander is exactly what the name implies, it is a sander designed for detailed sanding.  Such as in furniture, cabinetry and more.  There are a lot of manufacturers who make detailed sanders, but this review is focusing on the Craftsman Detailed Sander.  This was sent to us from a frequent visitor to our site and someone we have came to know over the years.  Before we get started, if you would like to learn more about sanders, you can visit our sander page. The Craftsman sander, model number 9-11647 comes obviously with the sander, but you also get 24 assorted sandpaper attachments for detail and finishing sanding as well as scrubbing and rust removal.  You also get a small bag to store the sander and sand paper in.  The handle has a nice rubberized grip to help keep control of the sander.  One nice item is the dust sealed on/off switch to help protect the switch.  In the past some companies were not using, and surprisingly some are still not using this dust sealed system.  If you find a sander that doesn’t uses this type of switch, we would suggest staying away as we have seen more and more problems occurring where the switch can be be turned on or off.  The sander orbits at 11,000 OBP, which isn’t too bad for a...

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Dewalt Random Orbital Sander Power Tool Review

We reviewed the Dewalt orbital sander model number DW423K. Specifications – Dewalt Random Orbital Sander Model – DW423K Amps – 2 OPM – 12,000 Volts – 120 Size – 5″ Cord Length – 10 Ft. Weight – 3.8 Lbs. Other Features Electronic Variable Speed Dual Plane Counter Balance Fan Dust Sealed Switch Carrying Case Control Finishing System As a woodworker, you need to produce a nice surface for a variety of reasons.  Knowing this, we decided to test an orbital sander for this power tool review.  We found a Dewalt Random Orbital Sander online as a factory reconditioned tool, so we thought we would give this a test. Our first impression was good.  If you have been following our other reviews you know we love carrying cases, and the Dewalt random orbital sander has its own case.  There is even room to pack some sand discs, along with other misc. items. We wanted to run this sander through a bunch of tests, but one must remember with these tests, the sand paper will play a big part in the results.  So we tested the normal items we usually do with each power tool, but we added three additional test. One was vibration affects and arm fatigue. Another was weight applied to the sander before it bogs down. Third was how it finished work on softwood and hardwood. Our first test...

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