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Bosch DH507 SDS MAX Demolition Hammer

Demo hammers are the coolest tools, they are all about destroying things. Usually you want the biggest most powerful demo hammer possible.  But sometimes you have to demo in tight areas or on a wall when removing tile.  Enter the 12lb Bosch DH 507, an ergonomic demo hammer for getting into tight areas.  It produces 5.6lbs of impact energy with a 10 amp motor.  It has a 360 degree side handle and also a big grip area on the hammer tube so you can easily hold it no matter what position. This tool also has a vario-lock feature which allows you...

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Metabo KHE3250 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

We first saw the Metabo KHE3250 at the 2013 World of Concrete earlier this year.  The lightweight Rotary SDS-plus is perfect for anchoring and overhead applications.  Weighing just 7.3lbs it puts out 3.1 joules (2.2 ft lbs) of impact energy with up to 4,470 blows per minute.  Drilling capacity is 1-1/8 in. in concrete using solid bits, 3-1/8 in. in brickwork, and 1/2 in. in mild steel and 1-3/8” in softwood. The 3 function switch also includes a neutral, which allows you to rotate the chisel to exactly where you want it.    The switch is easy to grab...

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When is a Bully a Good Thing? How about when it is a Bosch Bulldog – RH228VC

Are you in charge of buying tools for your job site?  Are you looking for some rotary hammers?  If so you have to read this.  Demolition tools are probably the most fun tools to use, but considering what they do, they can take a toll on your body over long periods of use. Over the years we have been using the Bosch 11224VSR Rotary Hammer, well we think everyone has one.  Go on any job site and you will be sure to find this gem in full working mode.  The 11224VSR has been a workhorse and that is why...

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Bosch Bulldog Rotary Hammer Power Tool Review

The Boschdog 11224 VSR is a workhorse.  This Rotary hammer drill has a lot of great features and is very easy on the hands and your wallet. Specifications – Bosch Bulldog Rotary Hammer Model – 11224 VSR Amps – 6.9 Volts – 120 BPM – 0 – 6,150 RPM – 0 – 1,100 Cord Length – 8 Ft. Weight – 6.25 Lbs. Other Features SDS 7/8″ D Handle Chisel Lock into 36 Different Positions Modes – Hammer, Drill, Rotary Hammer Carrying Case Depth Gauge Bosch makes some of the best power tools in the world and the Bosch Bulldog Rotary Hammer is a perfect example. Right  out of the box, the first item we noticed was the case and the big Bosch logo.  When opening the case, we noticed a lot of room, more than enough to carry bits, chisels and screws.  This is a nice feature. We know it’s only a case, but the extra room for peripheral tool parts saves trips back out to the truck.  After picking up the tool, the first feature we noticed was the weight. The Bosch Bulldog rotary hammer was very light and weighs in at 6.25 lbs.  I was a little surprised, I thought it would weight more. The Bosch was very easy to handle as the balance between your front hand and rear hand is nice.  On the front of the...

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