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Metabo WEPA 14-125 5″ QuickProtect Electronic Angle Grinder – Review

I love grinders. but have always hated the use of a wrench/spanner to change the wheel.  I know hate is a strong word, but have you ever lost your tool to change the disc and spent hours looking for it?  Metabo has changed grinding technology forever with its innovative tool-less wheel nut change.  They have also added a feature that they call QuickProtect, basically it is a big momentary paddle switch, when you let go the power is cut.  This feature does make the tool safer, but I would like to have also seen an electronic brake here. Apart...

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Bosch Grinder 1380 Slim

Well were doing another grinder, surprise, surprise.  However this is the most powerful grinder we have reviewed in along time.  It’s the Bosch 4-1/2″ grinder.  The model number is 1380 Slim.  I have a very old Bosch that I used for year, not even sure the model number of the grinder, but it was a workhorse.  I would still be using it if I didn’t have all these other grinders. When you hear Bosch, you think quality.  They have produced some powerful and durable tools over their life span.  This grinder seems to fit into that category.  The Bosch...

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Milwaukee Angle Grinder – 6130-33

Wow what’s up with all the reviews of grinder?  I feel like every other review we do is a grinder.  Well as you can see by the title, we are doing another review, the Milwaukee 4-1/4″ small angle grinder.  The model number of this grinder is 6130-33. I don’t use grinders everyday, but when you need one, it’s the best tool to have around.  I guess every tool is the best tool when you need it.  Lets get down to business with this grinder.  The grinder is a corded grinder that has an 8′ cord that powers a 7...

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Porter Cable Grinder 6 Amp PC60TCTAG – Review

If your in the automotive industry or another industry that requires the use of grinders everyday, then the grinder is your best friend.  If you are in the trades or a weekend warrior and you don’t require the use of a grinder everyday, then it might be one of the tools you just move around.  But when the time comes and you need it, well it can be your best friend.  On the other hand you might be like Dan where he thinks he needs ten grinders even though he has only two hands. When we first opened the box,...

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