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DeWALT DWM120 Deep Cut Band Saw – Making the Cut

Band saws are one of my favorite saws, they make a nice clean slow cut and are generally less likely to kick back than circular saws.  One of the downsides to a band saw is you can only cut a certain dimension of material due to the 2 wheel design.  Enter the Deep Cut band saw, it allows you to cut bigger material up to 5″ rectangular stock (5 X 4-3/4″ for round).  10 Amps of power will cut through most any material.  The DWM120 has a few features that make it easier to use on the job site.  It...

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Stout STX-250 X-Band Saw

We just got our hands on Stout Tool Band Contractor Kit , and it was a lot of fun to use. We will go through specifics on the tool and then let you watch the video review for yourself to see how it works. According to Stout, this is the world’s only one-handed cordless band saw. It is very compact and lightweight, which really cuts back on muscle fatigue. Because of its ease of use, the user should definitely be able to finish projects much faster, safer, and easier than when using a lot of competitive products. You will see from our video that this baby is just loaded with power, very impressive for a cordless model! I mean this thing cut through whatever we put close to it! Because this thing is so compact and light, you take it to the work instead of having to bring the work to it, even when using the cutting station included in the kit. Also, for all the power it generates, it’s not very noisy at all, another nice feature if you work late at night and don’t want to make your neighbors mad! More neat features include  two 18V Nicad batteries with an one hour charger. A high impact resistant body. Quick change blade release. A heavy duty protective molded case. A very ergonomic no-slip grip. A super cobalt bi-metal blade....

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