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Milwaukee’s New Concrete Bits

If you know Milwaukee, you know they aren’t one to sit around and be content for current products on the market.  They are always looking for ways to improve performance and improve production.  With that said, they upgraded their concrete bits. Their new SDS Plus bits are suppose to be more efficient, which means longer life of your rotary hammer or cordless tool, so that’s a plus.  The new bits are not only more efficient in masonry, but also play nice with Rebar.  These bits aren’t suppose to lock up in Rebar as we have all had that happen....

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Hilti Hollow Drill Bits for Concrete Model TE-YD and TE-CD

Leave it to Hilti to come up with the next innovative idea, a hollow drill bit for concrete.  Who would have thought a hollow drill bit could be used in concrete? Well I guess Hilti did.  As you know we were at the World of Concrete and saw some really cool new ideas.  I have to say Hilti took the show with the TE 30-A36 and this hollow drill bit, plus a couple other cool ideas like a goal of having a cordless job site.  As you know if you need to put an anchor in concrete there are...

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Milwaukee Tapcon Installation Kit – 48-20-7497

If you have ever drilled and fastened into concrete, then you have used a Tapcon anchor.  While they are awesome and probably the best around, they certainly aren’t cheap.  So you want to use a great system that sets the concrete fasteners right the first time so you don’t strip or break the fastener.  In the past I have always used two different manufacturers for a 3 piece Tapcon setting system.  I have either used the Brand Name Tapcon setting system or the Ramset Condrive.  There are other manufacturers who make these type of concrete fastening kits, but the Tapcon and...

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Bosch Blue Granite Turbo Bits

How many times have you drilled into concrete only to find out your bit is dull?  Then you think to yourself, didn’t I just buy this bit?  As you know drilling into masonry takes a huge toll on your bits.  Bosch decided to put an end to this problem and design a new bit called the Blue Granite Turbo. What makes this bit so special?  First, it is a multiple purpose bit.  This is specifically design for all masonry, including granite, concrete, brick and more.  The bit is also designed for your rotary or hammer drill, so you can use it...

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New Bosch Rotary Hammer Bits

Drilling holes has come a long way since back in the day when it took days to drill one hole.  You had some guy sitting there spinning a tool by hand to make a hole.  Nowadays you have hammer drills and rotary hammers.  The process that used to take hours, now takes seconds.  When you think about what’s happening, it’s actually pretty cool.  Not only is it cool, it’s amazing a bit doesn’t bust easier or get dull right away. Speaking of that Bosch introduced a new rotary hammer bit to make them even tougher.  The bits deliver more...

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