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Coast Flashlights – HP7 Titanium & Headlamp

I am not sure why, but I love flashlights.   That’s why when we had a chance to review two flashlights by Coast, I was rather excited.  The two flashlights are the Headlamp and the HP7 Titanium LED flashlight. I can’t say I have ever used or needed a headlamp light, but this one is pretty cool.  For the guy who is on a ladder or doesn’t have a free hand, this would be a great fit.  The strap is an adjustable elastic band which fits most heads and most helmets.  On the top of the light, there is...

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Coast LED Pro Pocket Multi-Tool

Multi-tools have come a long way since I was a kid.  I remember the Swiss Army knife, it had a tooth pick, knife and some other things that made it pretty cool.  Now-a-days the knives are designed better, they have a better grip, better materials and are shaped to fit your hand.  There are a lot of companies that make these tools, but Coast put a spin on their Multi-tool by including, not one LED light, but two. For me a Multi-tool is something I like carrying around, on-site or off site.  It doesn’t replace any of my tools, but it’s...

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