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Channellock E-Series

Channellock has been around for a long time and makes some great hand tools.  Just about everyone owns at least one product from Channellock.  They are quality and last.  Channellock just came out with their new E-Series. The E-Series is a line of combination, long and bent nose, and diagonal cutting pliers.  So what’s so special about the E-Series?  First they are a sleeker looking tool, but there is a more important benefit and that is called Xtreme Leverage Technology or XLT.  Basically this means the new E-Series positions the rivet closer to the pliers head so that considerably less...

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Channel Lock – American Made?

What’s going on now-a-days?  No matter where you look everything is being made in China.  Yes we know it’s cheaper and sometimes companies don’t have an option if they want to stay competitive, but come on where does it stop? Well it seems that is the approach Channel Lock has taken with their Code Blue Line. Enough,  let’s bring it back.   Channel Lock recently announced they are bringing back the production of their soft grip to the United States.  The Code Blue line has always been forged in Meadville, PA, but the grips haven’t.  For a while the...

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