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Carlyle Master Hex Bit Socket Set (BSH42)

Bit sockets are one of those tools that a lot of people take a minimalist approach to. People tend to buy a basic set when they need them, and make them work even when the job calls for something different. I’m the type of guy that likes to have the right tool for the job, but when you factor in the sheer variety of bit sockets out there, the minimalist approach almost makes sense. When you consider there are Hex, Torx, External Torx, Spline, Triple Square, and many others, most available in various lengths, not to mention the fact...

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Carlyle Tools: Power 90 Series Ratchets

As the American automobile market took off in the 1920’s, the auto repair business took off with it, and naturally, the auto parts market did too. Founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1925 as a Retail Cooperative by a group of businessmen headed by Mr. Carlyle Frasier, NAPA has been a key player in the auto parts business for nearly 90 years. Though some of the nearly 6,000 NAPA stores today are corporate owned, throughout it’s history many stores have been, and continue to be independently owned and operated. Outside of the auto parts section of the business, this led...

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