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Campbell Hausfeld 1800 PSI, 1.5 GPM Electric Pressure Washer PW183500AV

Sometimes you just want a simple cleaning machine to take care of your daily chores.  We went looking for a simple easy to use unit and came across the Campbell Hausfeld 1800 PSI, 1.5 GPM Electric Pressure Washer PW183500AV. Manufacturer – Campbell Hausfeld Model -PW183500AV The PW183500AV took me by surprise at how much I use it.  It is very convenient to tote around and store.  The hose reel on the top is great for hose storage, but can be a bit  awkward due to the fact that it wants to tip when you turn the handle.  The oversized side hook holds the...

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Campbell Hausfeld Paint Sprayer Model PS240C

If you are a painter, the one thing you know is for certain jobs an airless paint sprayer is key.  Makes the job quicker, saves on paint, produces a great result and in the end saves time, which means more money in your pocket. Manufacturer – Campbell Hausfeld Paint Sprayer Model – PS240C Average Purchase Price – $499   We haven’t been able to test a lot of sprayers, so when we had a chance to use and test the Campbell Hausfeld, we were pretty excited. We really wanted to use this on our garage project, but considering it is the dead of winter,...

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Lowes Campbell Hausfeld Compressor – 20 Gallon – HJ300299DI – Review

The sound of air tools, who doesn’t like that?  Sometimes I catch Dan in his shop with his compressor running and an impact in his hand.  He just sits there all day long just pulling the trigger listening to the noise.  Well not all day.  So when he found out we were going to take a look at the Campbell Hausfeld HJ300299DI , he was very excited, actually I was also.  This is the largest compressor we have tested so far, so naturally we could not wait to check it out. Dan told me we were going to look...

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Campbell Hausfeld Kit Review

        Not too long ago we reviewed the the Campbell Hausfeld Nail Gun.  This was a great nail gun, a lot of options and power for the price.  Campbell Hausfeld recently introduced four new homeowner kits.  Each kit has a compressor and a nail gun and from there each kit differs a little.  The four kits are: Home Decor – FP260096 Home Improvement Project Kit – FP260097 Home Improvement Project Kit – FP260098 Home Maintenance Kit – FP260094  As you can see all four of the compressor kits are designed for the home owner and each kit servers...

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Campbell Hausfeld Nailer

     Campbell Hausfeld Overview Well, this has been one of our longest reviews.  Over three months in the making.  Usually with our reviews we can wrap them up in a couple of weeks with all the different tests and runs on a jobsite or two.  The Campbell Hausfeld was different.  The reason being is while this nailer has all the fancy options a professional nailer needs, its also designed for the homeowner.  After we tried the nailer, we were very impressed and actually thought this could be used by the professional.  So we took it to a non union site and let one of the carpenters run it for a week.  While it was hard for him to put his Makita down, he agreed.  After a week, he basically wanted to keep it.  At this point we knew it wasn’t just us who saw something more in this nailer.  We decided to bring it to a few more jobsites and a couple more homeowners to get more feedback on this nailer. The model number for our review of the Campbell Hausfeld finish nailer is CHN70699AV.  This nailer uses a 15 gauge nail from 1″ to 2-1/2″ nails.  As we stated, this nailer comes with all the bells and whistles.  There is a built in laser for greater accuracy when nailing.  Even a stud finder helps the user place the nails in the correct locations. ...

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