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It’s That Time of Year – Heated Jacket Season

Winter is here or at least in the Chicagoland area it is.  I actually woke up yesterday and saw the grass filled with snow.  So I figured it was time to break out my heated jacket and stay warm.  There are a lot to pick from.  Milwaukee started it all and soon followed by Dewalt and Bosch.  This year it looks like Craftsman and Makita are entering the market.  So which one is the right one to pick from?  Well it depends upon what your looking for.  Bottom line, none of the original three are bad options.  If you...

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Bosch 12V Heated Jacket Review

Ever since Milwaukee introduced a heated jacket, everyone has been jumping on board.  We now see Milwaukee, Bosch, Dewalt and Makita out with a different type of heated jacket.  So which one do we like the best?  Well you can check out the video below, but after you read this review, it should give you some hints. Today we are going to talk about the Bosch Heated jacket which runs off their 12V battery.  I was pretty excited when I heard Bosch was introducing a new heated jacket.  I was still a little leery as I really like the...

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