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Bosch L-Boxx Review

Okay, here is the deal.  When I first heard about the new L-Boxx by Bosch, we were at the Bosch event.  At the time I really didn’t see anything cool about the idea.  However the concept was cool and worked great with the Sortimo vehicle system.  For this use I could see a huge advantage, but for me spending extra money on this system, well not really.  For me, carrying my tools in the nylon bags or hard cases the tools came with was sufficient.  Sure it was a mess and I would always have a hard time staying organized,...

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Bosch Interlocking L-Boxx System

Don’t you hate when you have a nice tool, but it did not come with a case? or maybe it came in a cheap bag?  Well now thanks to Bosch you have a multitude of options thanks to the new L-Boxx system.  We have seen Interlocking systems before with the Systainer.  The L-Boxx is a little more refined and a feature that I like a lot its splash proof .  The L-Boxx locks into one another easily with 2 locking tabs on either side,  They are easily taken apart by just pushing the tabs even with gloves on.  They...

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Bosch Tool Bag Review

Tool Review: Bosch Contractor Bag     Pros: Double Stitch, Outside/Inside pockets, Large enough for lots of power tools Cons: Bosch doesn’t sell this bag by stand alone, only with kits. Doesn’t come with shoulder strap Specifications of the Bosch Tool Bag Nylon Double Stitch Outside Pockets Inside Pockets Front Handle Can hold 75 lbs. Padded Bottom About The Specification of The Bosch Tool Bag The contractor bag comes as part of the Bosch 18V combo kit. When you first take a look at this bag, you will notice it has pockets on the outside. This is a nice feature as it allows the user easy access to the hand tools that are often used. On the front of the bag, there is a pull handle. We have all had this happen when we throw something in the truck, you take off to the next jobsite and now your tools are in the front of the truck bed because someone pulled out in front of you and you had to brake quickly causing the tools to slide forward. Well one nice feature of this bag is the pull hand in the front. All it does is allow the user to grab the front of the tool bag in order to help maneuver the bag more easily. The bag is made from nylon, so one thing we would recommend is...

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