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Bosch 18V SGH182 Screwgun

Are you hanging drywall, flooring or other tasks that require you to set fastener after fastener?  If you are, you should check out the Bosch 18V screwgun.  Talk about lightweight, efficient and making the job simple, the Bosch delivers. With the SGH182 a user can drive home about 3,400 screws using a 4 Ah battery. Speaking of batteries, you use your existing batteries and just buy a bare kit to help save a couple of bucks or if you fancy a kit, they also offer a kit version.  Almost forgot, this also has a brushless motor, which means longer...

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Bosch SGH182 18V Cordless Screw Gun – World Of Concrete 2015

Last week we went to World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Las Vegas isn’t what it used to be, but that’s for another time.  Bosch really had some exciting new tools that we will tell you about over the next few weeks.  Today we are going to talk about the new SGH182 Cordless screw gun.  They are not the first to market with this tool but they impressed us with run-time and ergonomics. With the new 6.0 Ah battery that they announced at the show you can get up to 3500 screws on one charge.  You can also...

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