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Bosch D-Tect 120

It’s pretty hard to find a good, reliable scanner.  Bosch has a twist on their D-Tect 120.  This scanner uses radar which is far more consistent.  The problem with radar is these tend to cost a lot of money, upwards of thousands of dollars. However Bosch found a way to give you a radar scanner for far less, about $250.  One cool feature is this is calibration free.  Just turn it on and go, no more waiting around.  The unit will detect multiple objects such as plastic pipes, wires, rebar and more. Bottom line, this is accurate, well priced,...

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Bosch GMS120 Wall Scanner Review

Oh the stud finder.  The most hated and most loved tool around.  Why are stud finders the most loved and hated tool around?  Well, when you find a stud or object, you love it.  When you are told an object is behind a wall and nothing is there, well then you hate it.  I guess you can say it comes down to accuracy.  Over the years these type of tools have greatly improved, but let’s face it, there is always room for improvement.  So why is it that accuracy is not always 100%?  Simple, each wall is different.  You...

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Bosch Digital Multi-Detector Review DMD4

I got this a while back as a Freebie when I purchased the Bosch Bull Dog Hammer Drill. I thought I would write up a quick review on it.   The Bosch DMD4 is digital multi-detection tool. It is designed to locate different types of metal, ferrous and non-ferrous. As well as live electrical wiring and wood studs. Bosch claims it can detect wood material under drywall and other substrates up 3/4 thick. Ferrous metals as deep as 4″, 3 1/8″ deep for non-ferrous metals, that includes materials like concrete. This unit comes with a soft carrying case with...

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