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Radio Death Match – Best Cordless Radio

As you know, we love to have fun at Tools in Action.  We don’t take ourselves seriously and we love destroying things.  So we thought about it and decided that destroying some radios would be a blast.  So we reached out to some manufacturers and got our hands on some of the most popular cordless radios on the market.  Now before I go on I want to get a couple of things straight.  First, this isn’t scientific.  This is just something we wanted to do and have some fun with.  We knew that no radio would survive to the...

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Bosch Power Box PB360C – Music, Style & Toughness

There are a lot of products we show off on Tools in Action and sometimes it’s really hard to say whether one drill is better than another or one saw is better.  However with this radio, it’s a no brainer.  When it comes to a Radio or whatever the kids are calling it now a days, no one compares or even comes close to the Bosch Power Box.  If you desire quality sound for tough conditions and practical features, this Power Box is for you.  We did a review of the Power Box PB360S back in 2012, we loved...

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Bosch 18V Compact Radio Review PB180

Bosch makes a lot of awesome hardcore tools.  They build them for the professional, they build them to last.  In fact Bosch makes the best radio on the market, the Bosch Power Box.  Since they have the best radio on the market, you think they could take the stance of sitting back and riding the wave.  Well they didn’t as they just introduced the Bosch Compact Radio PB180 which is now the second best radio on the market, but the best compact radio.  While the Power Box is the best radio, sometimes you might not feel like carrying that...

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Bosch Power Box PB360S Review

You asked and we listened.  We have done a lot of different Job Site Radio reviews such as the Milwaukee, Metabo, Ridgid and a couple others.  We heard over and over how do these compare to the Bosch Power Box?  Well the only thing we can tell you is the Power Box doesn’t compare, it’s in a league of it’s own. First,  I would like to say I don’t care if you are in the construction business or just hanging out in front of a camp fire, this is the radio to own.  If you are in the construction business...

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