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Bosch Work Light – 18V and 420 Lumens

Over the past year, it seems like every manufacturer is coming out with LED lighting solutions.  Not that I am saying this is a bad thing because we all know its great to be able to see.  All I am saying is I think it’s great seeing more and more LED lights coming to market.  Remember the old incandescent light?  They would get hot and if you drop them, you better have another bulb ready or you will be in the dark.  So speaking of LED lighting solutions, Bosch has an 18V light available.  A little over a year...

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Bosch 12V LED Flashlight – FL12

This is something I have been looking forward to seeing first hand for a long time, the Bosch 12V LED Flashlight.  Now I am not going to sit here and say it’s the brightest light available, but for the size, this thing is bright.  What I like best about this light is the features. As you can see by the pictures, this is compact which makes it perfect for tight jobs like under a sink or in a small closet.  There are 10 bright LED lights, so you can even use it in larger areas to help light up...

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Bosch CFL180 Flash Light Review

Tool Review: Bosch Flash light Model Number: CFL180         Pros: Wide Base, Easy to place and shine light anywhere Cons: Incandescent light Specifications of the Bosch Flash Light 360 Degree Handle Rotation 7 Detents Incandescent light 1 Extra bulb On/Off Switch, No Rotation Tool-Less Bulb Change About The Specification of The Bosch Flash Light We know most people prefer the LED work lights and that is the way the industry is starting to go, so you might be disappointed to find out this has an incandescent light.  For an incandescent light, this shines pretty good.  Now this light doesn’t have a focal point where you can adjust the beam width, but most don’t.  The light has 7 Detents which makes is user friendly and allows the user to adjust where they want the light to point.  As with most work lights, the weakest point is the actually bulb and the filament.  Anytime a light drops, the biggest item that will get damage is the actual bulb.  The Bosch has a storage feature inside the light where a user can store an extra bulb in case one burns out.  A user can take a little bit of foam wrapping to protect the bulb that is not in use.          The Review Alright it is just a light, right.  Well you are right, but if it...

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