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Bosch GIM 120 – 48″ Digital Level

When it comes to levels and measuring, no one beats Bosch.  They have the quality, experience, reliability and accuracy that no one can top. Back in February we had a chance to take a look at some of their new measuring tools and the Bosch GIM 120 was one of these tools we saw first hand.  We get a ton of emails about which tools to buy.  As you know, there are a ton of manufacturers available and a lot of the tools are pretty much the same, so it can be hard to recommend one specific tool.  However...

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Bosch Introduces Two New Levels

Bosch introduced a couple new levels.  The Bosch GIM 60 24 in. Digital Level and GIM 120 48 in. Digital Level.  As you know levels play a vital role on any job site.  They not only make our lives easier, but they help us produce a quality finish project, well if you have a quality level.  Just image if the builders of the leaning tower of pisa had a level.  Maybe it would have been built a little straighter, of course maybe it wouldn’t have been such an icon.  Yes, I know it wasn’t built that way, it was more of...

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