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Bosch 12V Impact – Big Power in a Little Size

If you are new to Tools in Action, you probably already know how much I love Bosch tools.  Bosch isn’t always first to market with their tools, but when they release something, they are designed nicely and you know they are designed to last.  So speaking of new tools, Bosch has two new 12V tools available.  The Bosch 12V impact Driver and the Bosch 12V impact Wrench.  Both of these tools share a lot in common so before I go into each tool, let’s cover what assets they share. The one thing I really like about the Bosch 12V...

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Bosch Brushless Impact Wrench – IWBH182-01L

Bosch has been bringing their A game to the table with their new line up of Brushless tools.  This time they introduced the IWBH182-01L which is a 1/2″ Pin Detent Impact Wrench.  Is it the strongest on the market?  No.  Is it the only one with 3 speed?  No.  But this is the only one on the market that has the whole package.  While this tool does give up torque, it doesn’t lack on speed.  So if 1,650 in-lbs of torque is going to get you through the day, then this is the tool to have. The extra speed means...

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Bosch IDH182 18V EC Brushless Socket Ready Impact – Tools in Action Pro

If you are reading this post you are in for a real treat.  This is our first installment of Tools in Action Pro.  While we visit a lot of job sites, we rarely ever document our encounters with the pro.  Mainly because of the time factor involved in trying to align schedules and the amount of time we have to spend on each video.  Our normal videos take hours of time between creating and editing the videos.  Being on site with a contractor is much more involved because there are so many variables out of our control, plus all the...

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