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Bosch 12V Impact Driver

Bosch may not have the largest 12V line on the market, but the tools they have out for the 12V line, well let’s just say they rock.  I am a huge fan of Bosch power tools, but I think they make the most comfortable 12V tools.  For me, I think it is the highest quality 12V tool you can buy.  Well, it may come as no surprise to you, but this 12V impact driver isn’t any different and Bosch didn’t disappoint.  The PS42 should be your next buy if you are looking for a 12V line.  No, they don’t...

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Bosch 12V Impact – Big Power in a Little Size

If you are new to Tools in Action, you probably already know how much I love Bosch tools.  Bosch isn’t always first to market with their tools, but when they release something, they are designed nicely and you know they are designed to last.  So speaking of new tools, Bosch has two new 12V tools available.  The Bosch 12V impact Driver and the Bosch 12V impact Wrench.  Both of these tools share a lot in common so before I go into each tool, let’s cover what assets they share. The one thing I really like about the Bosch 12V...

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Powerful Punch – Bosch PS22-02 12V Brushless Impact Driver

Bosch has been taking names and kicking ass this year with their tools.  While it is still early in the year, they seem to be the only real manufacturer bringing tools to market this year.  In fact, one of my favorite drills is the compact Bosch 18V.  Now let me clarify.  You probably know I have been a wild-man with the Dewalt compact and love it.  While I still love the Dewalt compact, I am really leaning towards the Bosch.  No, it’s not because they sponsor us.  It’s for two reasons.  First, I know Bosch and have had great...

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Bosch 18V Impactor Review – Model 25618-01

One of my favorite tools around is the impact driver.  I mean who wouldn’t love a tool that would kick some serious butt.  A tool that would pretty much handle any task thrown at it.  For the past couple of weeks I had a chance to play with the Bosch Impactor while I was doing a basement remodeling job, a flooring job and a garage job. One thing you can be sure of is when Bosch builds a tool, they build a tough tool.  I have yet to find anything other than quality tools from Bosch.  This impact is...

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