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Bosch 5″ Corded Grinder GWS13-50

When it comes to grinders, Bosch is one of the top manufacturers.  When I was a labor back in 1992, we had a ton of grinders on the jobsite and beat the heck out of them.  The one thing I can say about Bosch, is rarely will you ever see a tool fail.  These tools are design to be abused under the heaviest conditions.  That’s why we are going to take this over to Bodes place and let him use it while he builds his next box truck for tree hauling.  So for today, I just wanted to let...

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Bosch Cordless Grinder – 18V of Grinding Power Model GSW18V-50

Yesterday we posted about the new Bosch 6Ah battery, so it’s only fitting we talk today about the new Bosch cordless grinder.  In my opinion, Bosch makes the best grinders.  Just in case you were wondering, no they didn’t pay us to say that.  I had a couple older ones that I have beat the heck out of and they keep on grinding.  While they are corded versions, I wouldn’t expect anything less with their cordless version.  Now if you know Bosch, you are expecting a professional tool that will last for years, so let’s see what Bosch packed...

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Bosch Grinder 1380 Slim

Well were doing another grinder, surprise, surprise.  However this is the most powerful grinder we have reviewed in along time.  It’s the Bosch 4-1/2″ grinder.  The model number is 1380 Slim.  I have a very old Bosch that I used for year, not even sure the model number of the grinder, but it was a workhorse.  I would still be using it if I didn’t have all these other grinders. When you hear Bosch, you think quality.  They have produced some powerful and durable tools over their life span.  This grinder seems to fit into that category.  The Bosch...

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