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Bosch Hammer Drill HDH183 and Drill Driver DDH183

If you have been following me for a while, you know I am a huge fan of Bosch.  In fact, people have accused me of being a Bosch fanboy.  I am not really sure how to answer that.  When a company makes great products, how can you not appreciate their products?  I have been using Bosch ever since 1991 and have never had any issues with their products.  We have been beating them up over the years and they last.  A buddy of mine leaves his drill in the bed of his truck.  Doesn’t matter if it rains or snows,...

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Bosch Compact Drills – 18V of Power in your Hand

Drills have come a long way over the years.  We have gone from tool-less chucks to cutting the power cord.  Batteries have increased in power and motors have become more efficient over time.  So with that said, it’s only natural that with all the technology, companies would start creating more compact drills for those who need a fair amount of power, but don’t need a ton of power that is offered with the bigger drills.  So here is the complication, they need to create a tough drill, that is compact, but not too small.  The drill has to have...

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Bosch DDB181-02 1/2″ Compact Drill Driver

Bosch introduced a new compact drill to the market.  You get the drill, 2 slim pack batteries and a charger, all for under a $100.  I think it’s pretty wild to see a quality drill for under a $100.  If your looking to for a compact drill with a nice balance and great feel, that won’t break the bank, take a look at the video below. Compact drills are great.  There are plenty of times you don’t need the extra power, so why have all the weight.  All I can say is I’am excited to see Bosch come out with...

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Bosch HDH181X Hammer Drill and Drill Driver

Yes you are reading the correct title and yes we have done this drill/driver and hammer drill before.  So why are we doing it again?  Well we wanted to talk about a couple of the cool features these two tools have to offer.  Before I go into that, I have to admit I have been using the previous models for a long time and love them.  To me they are the workhorse of the drills.  I have beat them, left them outside in the rain and snow, dropped them and they just keep on working.  If you are familiar...

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Bosch 12V Drill-Driver Review PS32-02

Milwaukee isn’t the only one who can come out with a jamming 12V.  If you like the feel and style of the Milwaukee, you will be sure to love the feel and balance of this Bosch.  Lightweight, powerful and two speeds.  The drill has an LED on the side and an adjustable clutch.  The biggest plus to this tool is the feel and weight.  I love how my hand wraps around the grip and how it feels in my hand. Power and run time is about what you would expect from a 12V.  One thing that would be nice...

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Bosch 18V Compact Drill/Driver DDS182-02

A Bosch compact drill/driver, do I need to say more?  You want power, speed, comfort and balance, but hate the weight?  This is the tool for you.  All I can say is I am so excited Bosch came out with a compact drill/driver and compact hammer drill. Frankly I am sick of working with some of the bigger 18V drills.  Don’t get me wrong I love the power, but seriously for most of the stuff I do, it’s overkill.  Did I mention this is brushless? Now before you start kicking me to the curb talking about how we need...

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Bosch 18V Compact Hammer Drill – HDS182-02

Bosch just made my day.  I am a huge fan of compact drills.  Yes I like lots of power, but the fact is I don’t need large amounts of power most of the time, so why deal with the extra weight?  I have been using the Dewalt compact for a while and love it. However that is the only Dewalt cordless tool I really have.  So in reality it has been more of a pain to have extra batteries around.  On the other hand I do own multiple Bosch tools.  Before I forget, yes this is brushless. I have...

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Bosch 18V Hammer Drill – HDH181-01

  There is nothing like the sound of a hammer drill working hard.  Well okay maybe the sound of a slap shot or a nice hit on the boards, especially when it is a Red Wing player getting hit by a Blackhawks player.  It still amazes me how a small motor can deliver so much power and do so much work.  What is even more amazing is the Bosch hammer drill that delivers 700 in-lbs of torque and it is only an 18V. Manufacturer – Bosch Tools Model – HDH181 Take a look around at any job site and you will...

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Bosch 17618-01 Drill Review

Bosch 17618-01 Drill Overview If you have read our review of the Bosch combo kit, then you know how much we like Bosch power tools.  We feel they are some of the best professional grade power tools around.  That’s why we are excited to give you a review of the Bosch hammer Drill model number 17618, which is a Brute Tough Hammer drill.  If you compare this hammer to some of the other models around, you can see how much more power it has and how well it is built. This light weight 18V Lithium Ion drill puts out an astonishing 650 in-lbs. of torque, which is pretty incredible.  Compare that to some other brands that have a higher Volt rating with less torque.  Now if you’re not impressed by the amount of torque this puts out maybe the BPM of 30,750 will catch your eye.  Oh yeah, the RPM is 2,050 just in case you were wondering.  As with most brands this utilizes a 1/2″  metal chuck.  The high strength metal collar helps protect the chuck if dropped straight on the chuck.  One nice option is the 25 position clutch setting, which gives you 5 more settings than the average drill.  Again the drill, as with most, has a variable speed trigger. One item to mention is Bosch’s ECP or Electronic Cell Protection which is a propriety technology only Bosch has.  The ECP guarantees...

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