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Bosch 18V Cordless CCS180 Circular Saw

  I have to say circular saws are one of my favorite tools to use. Wow, I can’t think of one tool I don’t say that about.  However there are plenty of times I hate dragging around a cord or the weight.  Luckily for us we live in an age where batteries have come a long way and we can use cordless circular saws for a lot of applications.  How nice is it to not have to worry about power or getting ticked off when the cord gets wrapped up around something towards the end of your cut?  I guess...

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Bosch CCS180 Circular Saw Review

Having a cordless circular can be a key in any project.  There are a lot of manufacturers who make cordless circular saws, but be careful before you just buy one.  Because of the type of work a circular saw does, this tends to put the most wear and tear on a battery compared to some other power tools.  So when you buy a circular saw, make sure it is a good professional grade.  Speaking of a professional power tool, this brings us to our review of the Bosch circular saw, model number CCS180. Bosch CCS180 Circular Saw Overview The Bosch circular saw is a great cordless saw to have around for jobs around the house or even on the job site.  You can buy this saw separately or as part of the Bosch combo kit.  The saw uses a 6 1/2″ thin Kerf blade.  This makes it capable of cutting through 2″ of material on a single pass.  This saw is powered by the 18V 2.6Ah battery, so the run time for this type of saw is sufficient for any longer jobs.  This circular saw will allow a user to make 50 degree bevel cuts. Bosch CCS180 Circular Saw Review Now as always, the first thing we are interested in is the balance of the tool we are reviewing and this is no different.  While balance is great for allowing the...

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