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Bosch Battery – The New 18V 6Ah Battery is Here

Are you using Bosch tools?  If so this is great news for you.  The new Bosch battery is available.  So what is so special about this battery?  Well Bosch increased the amps to their 18V battery.  The new battery is now 6Ah.  So what does this means?  Well let’s look at it this way.  Voltage is the size of your gas tank, amp hours is the amount of gas in your tank.  So this means you can do more work with your 18V battery.  Best of all, the size of the battery is the same as their previous version....

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Bosch Lithium Ion Battery ECP Review

Tool Review: Bosch 18V Battery and Charger Model Number: Bat618 Fat Pack       Pros: 2.6Ah, Powerful, Lightweight Cons: Expensive to replace Specifications of the Bosch Battery & Charger 2.6Ah Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) Double Lock Latching System Bosch Battery Housing Charger – 30 Minute Charge Charger – Charges 14.4 – 18 Slim and Fat Pack Batteries Charges batter 85% in 15 minutes          Bosch Battery and Charger Lithium batteries are very expensive to replace, so anytime you buy a Lithium-Ion battery, you want to make sure it is a quality made battery.  First and most important is Bosch ECP.  This allows the Bosch battery to take more abuse and stay cooler longer.  We all know heat is the number one killer of batteries, so keeping a battery cool is key to longevity.  The double latching system is great.  This ensures the battery will always stay in place, even if dropped you don’t have to worry about breaking a latching system and not being able to use the battery.  Lithium-Ion batteries are great because of their light weight, and other reasons, but with this comes some downsides such as their technology.  Lithium batteries have to have a circuit board in them to control the battery which means more items or things to break and go wrong.  The Bosch battery uses a battery housing that will withstand a fall...

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