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BOLT Trailer Spare Tire Lock

A while back we told you about BOLT, the locks that work with your ignition key.  Since then we have been using them on all our vehicles, it really is so convenient to have all my locks keyed to one key, my ignition.  As you know we are reviewing the PJ trailer and it has a spare tire.  We live in one of the highest murder rates in America thanks to its unconstitutional no gun law.  You cannot defend yourself in Chicago, only the criminals and cops have guns.  Chances are at some point someone will want to use my spare...

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BOLT – Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology

BOLT is one of those ideas that just makes sense, it allows you to use your existing vehicle ignition key with BOLT high quality locks.  I know what you are thinking, sounds gimmicky.  I thought that at first until we got some samples to test.  The locks themselves are high quality automotive style locks.  Think of them like the door locks in your car, only nicer.  Bolt offers padlocks, cable locks, receiver locks, trailer spare tire locks and even tool box locks. How does it work you ask?  Do you remember Terminator 2, when the robot turned into the...

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