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Blaklader Shorts

Winter is gone and summer is here.  So sad we have to put away our Blaklader pants.  Oh wait, they have shorts.   Not just any shorts, but the same style and toughness as the pants, but only they don’t have the pant legs, which makes them shorts.  I have been remodeling my bathroom for the last 3 years, well actually 3 weeks and have been using the heck out of these shorts.  They are in the wash (finally) so I don’t have any pictures, but you can check out our older Blaklader article which shows them up close....

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Blaklader Bantam Pants are Freaking AWESOME!

I have bad knees!  Wearing knee pads for extended periods can really take a toll on the back of your legs and cut off circulation.  We reviewed the Blaklader pants last year and used them here and there, but did not get a chance to really use them until we started our wood flooring project.  Tearing out the old tile was like breaking chard’s of glass.  I cut my fingers a lot and went through multiple pairs of gloves.  Everyday my Blaklader Bantam pants protected me.  I was sliding around the floor in piles of this needle sharp material...

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Blaklader Work Shorts

After our review of the Blaklader winter work gear, we received numerous emails letting us know that its 90 plus degrees outside.  So we would like to start of by saying thanks.  After realizing our minor mistake, we thought now might be a good time to review their work shorts before winter comes.When I told Dan we were going to get some Blaklader work shorts he got very excited.  When I told him they where short and tight, like the 70’s style he couldn’t stop shaking because he finally had a reason to break out his yellow and green...

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Blaklader Work Gear – Move Over Carhartt

Update 10-27-2011 I was outside all day yesterday replacing a roof.  I can’t say I wore my jacket all day long because I didn’t want to ruin it when I was doing the tear off.  It was about 40 degrees outside and it may not seem cold to most, but it was pretty cold.  It was the first cold day of the year, so it always tends to feel a little colder than normal.  When I was laying the felt down, I did have my jacket on.  All I can say is this was very comfortable and surprisingly warm.  The most important thing with this jack was how easily I still could move.  When I swung a roll of felt on my shoulders or bend down to pound a couple nails in, the jacket moved with me.  It wasn’t like some jackets where the sleeves road up on you or you could feel there wasn’t enough material in the shoulders etc.  I think I have my new winter jacket.   Original Post 6-5-2011 Yes that’s me in the shirt, the one I wear almost everyday.   It’s called Blaklader.  You may or may not have heard of them, but they have been in business for over 50 years, so they know their stuff.  Man that’s a cool looking shirt. Blaklader has a long line of products, but we are only going to cover a...

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