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Blackhawk Impact Hex Bit Socket Set – UH1216CS

For the past 2 or 3 years I’ve been using the Harbor Freight impact hex bit sockets. They’ve held up pretty well, but at 3″ I’ve found them to be a little long at times. Longer bits certainly have their place, but more often than not I find myself needing/preferring a standard length bit socket. In accordance with my normal procedure, I started clicking around Proto’s website looking for a solution when I stumbled upon these: To be honest, I was somewhat surprised to find this set. In the vast number of hours I’ve spent looking at and talking...

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Blackhawk Tools – A Well Kept Secret

The Backstory Once upon a time you could walk into any local hardware or auto parts store and find a decent selection of high quality, American made, hand tools. Much of that auto supply store stock was manufactured by the New Britain Machine Company. New Britain was a huge manufacturer during most of the 20th century and did much of their business manufacturing tools for private label brands such as Craftsman (Sears), Penncraft (JC Penny’s), NAPA, PowerKraft (Montgomery Ward’s) and others. In addition to their Namesake brand as well as the None Better and Mustang budget lines, they would...

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Blackhawk Hornet 2 Folding Tactical Knife Review

We always get excited about showing off knives.  Well, not everyone.  Dan tends to cut himself and not like knives.  For the rest of us, we found a pretty cool knife by a well known knife manufacturer, Blackhawk.  Now only does the company have a cool name, but it has a cool knife also.  The Hornet 2 is a cool to the touch kind of knife.  With G-10 scales, you don’t ever have to worry about losing grip. Lightweight, easy to open and perfect for an EDC.  For you knife fan addicts who don’t want to pay for a...

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Blackhawk – Hawkhook Folding Escape Tool Review

I have to say this is one of the coolest tools and for the size, you get a lot of tool.  So you may be asking what is the Hawkhook?  The Hawkhook is a very cool rescue/party tool. Well okay, not really a party tool, but you will soon see why I joked about that.  Bottomline this is a very handy tool for someone in the rescue field, someone who likes extreme sports where you might need to cut something rather quick or just anyone to keep in their car.  I am sure there are a lot more people...

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