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Black & Decker Smart Stand XL – Making Christmas Easier

Let me paint you a picture.  We all know that Christmas is a wonderful and joyful time of year.  I am lucky because I have the best wife in the world.  She pretty much does everything.  She shops for all the presents, decorates the house, the tree, bakes and even goes out and buys the tree.  My only responsibility is to cut the bottom of the tree and put it in the stand.  Simple enough, right?  Well as simple as it sounds, for some reason it turns into a pain.  I cut the tree and bring it into the...

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Black & Decker Lawn Tools

I am not sure what you think of when you hear the name Black & Decker.  For me two things come to mind.  First is a company that has a long history of making products.  Second is the Dust Buster.  I remember those old Dust Busters. While they were a cool invention and meant you didn’t have to break out the vacuum, it would last for about two minutes.   Just enough time to pick up those 8 Cheerios.  Good thing battery technology has changed because now they are night and day.  Speaking of that, we will be having...

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Black & Decker SmartTech Vacuum

Before you read this article, please throw everything out the window of what your thoughts are on vacuums and sweepers.  You may remember the old Black & Decker Dust Busters.  At the time they were the cats meow and made life easier.  When you had those little clean up jobs and didn’t want to break out the vacuum, you could just grab the Dust Buster and do a quick clean up.  Since then times have changed.  Technology has gotten better and most importantly, battery technology.  We have moved into a new battery era with Lithium-ion battery technology.  With Lithium-ion...

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Win one of Two Black & Decker Glue Guns

Want to win one of two Black & Decker Glue Guns?  Sure, who doesn’t.  You may remember we had a first look at this glue gun and fell in love with it right off the bat.  As you know, there are a ton of uses for this tool and how nice is it not being attached to a cord.  So how do you win?  Easy, leave a comment on our Black & Decker Glue gun video, which is below.  On July 4th, we will announce two winners.  Yes, it’s that easy....

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Black and Decker Smart Tech Bluetooth Battery

Stanley Black and Decker is releasing a smart Bluetooth battery for the Black and Decker 20v battery platform. It looks to be the same idea as the Dewalt Bluetooth battery, but they added one really cool feature that the Dewalt battery does not have, which is a USB port on the top of the battery to charge your phone or other electronic devices. It will be a $20 premium over the other Black and Decker 20v batteries. I don’t know if the Bluetooth feature is worth the premium on a Black and Decker tool, but USB outlet looks to...

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Black & Decker 20V Cordless Jigsaw BDCJS20B

We haven’t done a whole lot of Black and Decker on TIA, but the items we have tried, we have liked.  Black and Decker is designed for the homeowner.  As a homeowner, you are not using your tools everyday, so why spend a lot of money only for the tool to sit on the shelf.  So as you can image, Black and Decker tools have a low price point. However don’t let the price fool you because you do get a great bang for your buck. Black and Decker has been expanding their 20V line of tools and today,...

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Black and Decker 20V Hot Glue Gun BDCGG20 – First Look

Everyone needs and loves hot glue.  It allows you to place, fix and secure just about anything. The problem has always been the glue guns, they just suck.  The cords are always to short, they don’t flow well and generally are of cheap quality.  There have been some attempts made at cordless glue guns but they take forever and the batteries don’t usually last long. Finally someone has come and hit the nail on the head in this category.  We got a  sneak peek at the new 125W Black and Decker 20V cordless glue gun.  I have to say...

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New Black and Decker Cordless Jigsaw

For those of you Black & Decker fans, the wait is finally over.  Black & Decker announced they will introduce a new 20V cordless Jigsaw model BDCJS20B.  You should start seeing these hit the shelves sometime in Roctober. I don’t have much experience with Black & Decker, but do know they are geared towards the homeowner.  They tend to be a less expensive tool than some of the professional brands which makes it ideal for a homeowner.  The jigsaw features a compact trigger.  According to them, this saw has a clear line of sight, but without trying it for...

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20V Handheld Pressure Washer – Wait What??

This was spotted at the 2015 National Hardware Show.  It is a handle that goes on the end of a garden hose.  It amplifies the normally 40-75 PSI pressure to 100, 200 or 300 psi.  This will give a significant boost and it also can siphon water , no hose needed.  That is the coolest feature.  It makes it the baddest water gun on the block! Before you go getting all excited this is not available yet.  It will hit the shelves in January 2016 just when its -20 here in...

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Black and Decker AutoSense – The Perfect Home Owner Drill

I know one of our contributors wrote this tool up a while back.   I liked it so much I wanted to write about it also.  When I first saw the AutoSense I thought it was a gimmick.  When I first used it, I was like WOW.  This is a really nice tool.  It has a has a powerful 20V max battery.  This drill rivals some Pro drill/drivers with its ergonomic grip that felt perfect in my hands.  20V power will feel like a formula one car to most home owners.  The tool weighs 3.7 lbs. The Auto Sense is just...

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