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TEKTON Hybrid Air Hose Review

Based in Grand Rapids, MI, Tekton is a family owned company specializing in affordable, quality, tools, designed with the DIY’er in mind. Their budget friendly line-up covers just about all bases and as anyone who’s ever dealt with them will tell you, their customer service is world class. We’ve reviewed several Tekton products in the past, and all have been nice tools for the price. The composite ratchets I reviewed are holding up very well and are still one of the most frequently used ratchets in my box. Every company has some products that are better and worse than...

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Pneupower Recoiler Portable Air Hose

Let’s face it air hoses blow! Literally lol.  They are a pain in the rear to roll up and store, they always tend to unravel.  Pneupower has come up with an air hose in a case that removes most of the hassles associated with a conventional air hose. It is a completely portable solution that incorporates a 100′ flexible air hose into a thin container with a hand crank to wind it up. From first hand experience with this product, it saves time.  An unbelievable amount of time if you add up how long it takes you to roll...

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