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ACDELCO Grinders ARG1214 and ARG1213 – Ditching the Hose

What’s the one thing that you see in almost every mechanics garage? It is big and noisy? If you haven’t guessed it is the air compressor. A lot of shops that we deal with have been leaning away from air as much as possible to avoid the noise,  cost and maintenance of running them.  Traditional die grinders have always required air to power them. ACDelco has come along with 2 die grinders that use a 12V lithium battery. To my surprise for 12V they are quite powerful and required a lot of force to stall out. Another great feature...

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ACDelco ARD1296 Li-ion 12V 3/8” 2-Speed Drill – Mechanics Choice

ACDelco is a hit with mechanics.  We have some units out in the field that we check in on once in a while and they are still running strong.  One of them you can’t even recognize anymore but it still works perfectly.  ACDelco sent us out the 12V ARD1296 to check out.  The 4 pole motor of the ARD1296 puts out 300 in-lbs of torque.  It has 2 speeds 0-345 and 0-1240 on speed 2.  The variable speed trigger with electric brake provides total control for the mechanic.  20 torque settings plus a drill mode  ensure that you won’t...

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ACDelco ARZ605 Inspection Camera – Mechanics Choice

There seems to be a lot of inspection cameras on the market today with all kinds of price points and uses.  Some work great behind drywall, but will not fit into tight areas like in the automotive field where small clearances are common.  A few years back we gave ARZ1204D inspection camera to a car mechanic and at first he didn’t think he would use it.  After a few weeks with it, not only was he constantly using it, but he wouldn’t give it back!  It has saved him and his customers time and money.  ACDelco is the mechanics...

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ACDelco ARZ605 Inspection Camera – Preview

In 2011 the ACDelco impressed us with the ARZ1204D inspection camera kit.  With its small diameter cable and spot on close up focus it won the hearts of mechanics everywhere.  We even gave it an award as the best inspection camera of 2011.  We got a sneak peak at their latest feature packed inspection camera at the 2011 AAPEX/SEMA show. Some of the highlights are: Audio recording capability  12V lithium ion or 4 AA power Includes 4 gb SD card 360 degree rotation screen rotation We will be getting one soon and will be able to give you a more...

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ACDelco New 12V 1/4″ Ratchet – ARW1202

Power ratchets are one of my favorite tools.  The ARW1202 is a 1/4″ ratchet similar to the  ARW1201 that we reviewed here.  It throws out 30 lbs. of torque, has a spindle lock and a lightweight heavy duty aluminum housing.  The big variable speed paddle switch makes it easy to control the 12V power in the tightest of areas.  It weighs in at 2.35 lbs. and is powered by a Lithium Ion 12V battery.  All of the ACDelco tools that we have tested are still running strong and have been taking a major beating. Visit http://www.acdelco-tools.com Check out some of...

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ACDelco ARI2061 18V 1/2″ Impact Wrench – Review

Well well what do we have here, the new ACDelco ARI2061 18V 1/2″ Impact Wrench.  If you have followed any of our ACDelco coverage you know we are big fans of the tool line.  ACDelco is not just another generic tool that was branded with a famous name.  They are quality powerful tools designed from the ground up to last and allow the user  to get the job done.  ACDelco gears the tools towards the mechanic, last year we dropped off a few tools to a local mechanic and they performed flawlessly and he still uses them daily. I found...

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Pocket Power – ARI810 3/8″ 8V impact wrench – Review

Have you opened the hood on a modern car lately?  Well if you haven’t you’re in for a surprise, it’s not like in the 70s where you had a huge engine bay and can access any component with ease.  Today’s cars are engineered to make use of the tightest spaces, sometimes your hands won’t even get in there, let alone an impact driver.  Well ACDelco has created a new class of tools with the new 8V line up.  It is  designed to get power into the tightest of areas. First we told you about the ARI847L, now the ARI810...

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Making an Impact with the ACDelco ARI2044B and ARI2060

A few months back we told you about ACDelco and the new line of digital tools they had coming out.  Well, we got to try out few and liked what we saw.  They also now have a website acdelco-tools.com.  The first tool we checked out was the ARI2044B Li-ion 18V 3/8″ Angle Impact Wrench with Digital Clutch.  It is a 90 degree angle impact for getting the tightest of spaces and laying down 95 ft-lbs (128 Nm) max. reverse torque and 60 ft-lbs (80 Nm).  It puts out  0-2,000 rpm / 0-3,000 imp and has a digital  clutch with 5 torque settings to avoid...

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AC Delco 1/2 Impact Wrench ANI402

I don’t think there is any cooler sound than having an air impact racing in your hand.  Well maybe the winning sound of a slot machine in Vegas, but I wouldn’t know.  That would be nice, winning a jackpot in Vegas.  OK sorry enough dreaming, let talk about the Impact Wrench. We have been doing a lot of ACDelco tools in the recent months, but most of them battery operated.  This is one of the few air operated wrenches we have done in a while.  Dan and I don’t use these everyday, so after I rotated my tires, we...

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ACDelco ARW1201 12V 3/8″ Ratchet Wrench

It’s no secret that the powered ratchet is one of my favorite tools.  It is great for getting into tight spaces and has the torque to break things free.  Last month we reviewed the Milwaukee M12 ratchet which set the standard for all ratchets.  Now we have the ACDelco ARW1201, how does it compare?  Well it is sort of a completely different animal. The ACDelco is designed to be more of a brute force worker than an option packed compact tool.  It is bigger than the Milwaukee, has an aluminum gear box housing and throws out more torque 57ft-lbs vs...

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