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Ego Snow Blower Review – 56V Power

Winter is right around the corner which means we have to start thinking about snow.  In the past, I was the guy who never wanted a snow blower.  For me, I loved shoveling.  I felt like I was getting a little exercise and just loved the peace and quiet outside when it was snowing.  A gas engine always took away the peace and quiet.  About two years ago, we tested the Greenworks and Snow Joe snow blowers.  While I would give up my exercise, I would still get the peace and quiet with the battery powered snow blowers.  While we...

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Ego Blower

You may or may not know, but Ego is pretty new to OPE.  Since they have come out, they have been turning heads.  Not only has the consumer been more intrigued by their quality products, but other OPE manufacturers have been trying to play catch up with Ego.  Well Ego did it again with the new Ego Blower.  They just introduced a new 56v blower, which is a step up from their LB4801. Ego has managed to increase the cfm while lowering the weight and size of the blower.  The new blower has a total of 530 cfm while the...

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EGO Mower – 21″ Self Propelled 56V Lawn Mower

It’s been a couple of years since EGO introduced it’s 56V line of Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE).  At the time, there was no way I would change from gas to battery.  I always thought it was going to be hard to create a battery lawn mower that would compete against gas.  I just didn’t think technology was at that point.  Well, EGO proved me wrong.  In the end I ended up giving my gas powered lawn mower, blower, hedger and chain saw to a friend.  Since then, I have been using the EGO OPE and haven’t had a second...

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Ego 56V Chain Saw – Power+ 16″ CS1604

A while back we showed you the Ego Chain Saw with a 14″ bar.  Then we told you they were offering a new 16″ Chain Saw.  Well the day is finally here, the new Ego 56V Chain Saw is here.  If you are not familiar with Ego, this is a brand that is sold exclusively at Home Depot.  Ego has paved the way for battery powered Outdoor Equipment.  They started off fast out of the gate with a lawnmower, weed whip, blower and a chain saw.  Well they haven’t stopped.  They are coming out with a new lawn mower, new...

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WORX WG771 56V MaxLithium Cordless 19″ Lawn Mower

Mowing season is here and we have another battery powered mower to tell you about.  This time its the Worx 56V mower.  This one is a little different than the other battery powered lawnmowers we have tried.  You will notice in the front, the wheels have a caster design which move freely.  This designs allows the mower to easily turn from side to side which is something unique.  However you still have the ability to lock the wheels and the mower will act like a traditional mower.  As with the other mowers we have tried, this is a 3...

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EGO 56V Lithium-Ion Cordless 15″ String Trimmer ST1501-S

I know I am going to sound like a broken record, but when I first heard about battery powered outdoor equipment, I thought to myself someone is putting on a good joke.  How could battery power get the job done?  At least with today’s battery technology.  Well as most of you know, I was wrong, very wrong.  I ended up with the whole line of the Ego products and haven’t looked back.  They are powerful, reliable, start up right away and are easy to use.  Plus they produce a great final result. Ego now brought out a new trimmer...

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Ego 56-Volt Electric Cordless Chainsaw

If you are familiar with Ego outdoor equipment, you probably already know about their new chainsaw.  However for those of you who haven’t heard of them or haven’t taken the leap of faith, you might want to listen up.  Well first I guess I should back up in case you haven’t heard of them.  If you have visited a Home Depot lately, I am sure you have seen their end cap display.  If not, you have to take time and look next time you visit a store.  Ego has a line of 56V outdoor power tools that have been...

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Ego 56V Trimmer

If you have been shopping at Home Depot in the Lawn and Garden section or have seen our previous review on the Ego lawnmower, than you have probably seen this brand before.  However if you haven’t been lucky enough to do the items in the previous sentence then I am sure you are wondering who the heck is Ego?  Ego is a brand new player to the Lawn and Garden market this year.  They have a full line of tools for any serious home owner, such as a lawnmower, hedger, weed whip and blower.  But I am sure you...

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EGO Chainsaw – Coming Soon

It’s official, EGO just announced they will have a 56V Chainsaw coming to a Home Depot near you.  We would like to thank a TIA Crew Member for finding this news and bringing it to our attention.  As you know we have really been impressed with the EGO 56V line so far.  The line has been far better than we expected, so I don’t think the chainsaw will be any different and my guess is that it will surprise us also. I have to say I am glad EGO is expanding their 56V outdoor lawn and garden line. How...

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Ego 56V Hedger

Out of all my favorite Ego tools, this has to be my favorite, well this and the lawnmower.  One thing you want to notice is the bar, where all the action happens. This bar is a 24″ bar and you can see it goes all the way to the front of the tool. While some claim to have long bars, most don’t actually have that cutting capacity, where with the Ego, it does.  This unit delivers 3,000 SPM and is powered by a 56V 2-Ah battery.  You can cut up to 3/4″ thick branches, pretty wild for a battery...

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