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Bosch Bulldog RH328VC-36K 36V Rotary Hammer

I am going to save you a whole bunch of time and just tell you up front, the Bosch Bulldog RH328VC-36K is the best Rotary hammer available.  I know that is taking a big leap forward, but I don’t care because I love this tool.  I look at it this way, why own any other rotary hammer, cordless or corded. The Bosch Bulldog is powered by a 4H-36V battery.  With this, you truly can cut the cord.  So let’s jump in and see why I love this tool so much.  First, it’s Bosch.  Now I am not saying this as...

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New Black & Decker 40V Brushless Cordless Snow Blower

It seems like cordless snow blowers are the hot new thing everyone wants and now Black and Decker is getting into the market. The nice thing about cordless snow blowers is the convince of not dealing with gas. We all know now how much of a hassle ethanol has made dealing with gas powered OPE. If the equipment is not used weekly or daily you will have problems from bad gas and snow blowers can sit for a long time which is horrible for your gas powered equipment. I have to say this unit looks pretty good for the...

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Craftsman 20″ 40-volt Rear Discharge Electric Lawn Mower

The week rolls along with the all new Craftsman 40V lawnmower.  This season we were lucky enough to test a variety of battery powered lawnmowers.  Out of all the lawnmowers we tested, I really thought the Craftsman would be my least favorite.  Not sure why, just a hunch.  If you know me, you know I am usually wrong about my hunches and this time it wasn’t any different.  While it did have a couple downsides to the mower, the Craftsman turned out to be one of my favorite mowers this summer. A couple things I loved about the mower...

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Dewalt DCST990H1 40V Max Cordless 15″ Outdoor String Trimmer – First Look

DeWALT may not be first to the plate every time, but when they do it is a quality tested product.  When they announced a new outdoor power equipment line last year I was a bit skeptical.  We have seen lithium hit the home market with good success but for the professional?  . We finally have these tools in our hands and the weather isn’t cooperating with us.  However we got a good chance to give the string trimmer a try.  This trimmer says pro all over it, from the quality build to the near perfect ergonomics and balance. The tool...

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Dewalt 40V XR Lawn Tools Spotted For Sale Down South

I guess Dewalt is either doing a test release, or they got their shipment of tools in earlier than expected. RickyMCgrath from the Power Tool Forum spotted the Dewalt 40x XR tools at his local Lowe’s store in Texas. The only thing is they don’t have bare tools for sale, only complete kits right now. Lowe’s also has the tools on their webpage now to order if you can’t wait to get them localy. Lowe’s will ship the item to you or to the local store of your choice. Dewalt 40V Yard Tools at Lowes...

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Husqvarna Shows Off Their New 36V Battery Tools

We saw the beginning of the of the battery invasion into the outdoor power equipment market in 2014 and 2015 looks to be the year that it goes mainstream.  Companies like DeWALT, Greenworks and EGO all have some game changing technology on the scene.  We saw the Husqvarna 36V cordless chainsaw a few years back at GIE when it was still under development. Looks like they are getting ready to launch. Lithium ion technology is nothing new but a backpack battery that lasts all day is new to me.  Husqvarna is built for the Pro.  I am sure they have...

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Greenworks 40V Lawnmower Cut Report

Greenworks is a name I have become more familiar with over the last year.  I really love their products and they seem to make good stuff.  So let’s talk about the cut report for this 40V battery operated lawnmower.  First, is the good news.  If you’re the type to stay on top of your lawn mowing, this is a great mower.  Very lightweight and easy to maneuver.  The battery life is great and the fact that it comes with two batteries, makes cutting and finishing your lawn great.  You really shouldn’t have any down time.  The mower did a...

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Craftsman Lawn Mower Cut Report

This is the gas mower I thought would take top spot, so did it?  Come on I can’t tell you that now, then the rest of the cut report would be useless.  Okay it still will probably be useless, but let’s give it a shot.  One thing I was dead wrong on in our initial overview of this mower was the noise level.  As Harry Cary would say, Holy Cow, this thing is quiet.  Now it’s not as quiet as the battery mower, but compared to the other gas mowers, you can really hear the difference.  As I did say...

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Kobalt 40V Lawnmower Cut Report

Since this is identical to the Greenworks mower, you might see a lot of the same stuff in this cut report as you do with the Greenworks.  This mower is very light and easy to maneuver around your yard.  The 40V battery does last a while and having two batteries means you shouldn’t have any down time. The mower itself does a great job bagging and the handle makes it easy to get on and off the mower, plus it really assists with emptying the bag.  In regards to the performance for cutting long grass, I can’t say I am...

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Kobalt 40 Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

So you thought Kobalt only made tools.  In fact, they have a line up of various lawn mowers.  Here we are covering the 40V double battery lawn mower.  When you buy this lawn mower you get a 4.0 ah and a 2 ah battery.  So if you are mowing and you run out of juice, you don’t need to wait around.  You can do a quick charge or better yet have one ready.  If you read the rest of our mowers from mower week, you might see a similarity in this mower and the Greenworks mower.  That is because they...

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