Head Quarters – Carrollton, Georgia
Established – 1937
Parent Company – Southwire Company
Current Newshttp://www.southwireblog.com
Tool Known for – Electrician’s Hand Tools, Meters, Contractor Equipment, Extension Cords, Temp Power, Temp Lighting

Richards and Associates founded Southwire company to erect power poles in 1937. A short two and a half years later, they had already strung 3, 500 miles of cable. Southwire Company opened with only twelve employees in 1950, and within the first two years they had shipped 5 million pounds of wire. Today, Southwire Company is proud to be North America’s leading wire and cable manufacturer. With more than 7,000 employees and seven focused divisions, we are committed to providing customers with the highest level of quality in all areas. Southwire Company is proud to offer the following divisions to meet your needs: OEM, Energy, Electrical, Industrial, Engineered products, International and Tools and Equipment.

Southwire Tools and Equipment is dedicated to providing our customers with a broad selection of products, and we pride ourselves on constantly innovating our lines based on your needs. Take a look at Southwire’s innovations and acquisitions within the past fifteen years alone. Southwire Tools and Equipment’s most recent acquisition was in December of 2016 of Sumner Manufacturing Company. All of our past acquisitions have allowed us to offer you with a wide variety of quality products tailored to your needs. In 2009 Southwire acquired Maxis® which has enabled Southwire to offer leading-edge, innovative solutions for contractors.

Southwire’s line of Tools and Equipment has it all. From hand tools and meters, to material handling and storage. Southwire has a long legacy of ensuring safety and maximizing productivity, and they continue this legacy with their innovative Tools and Equipment product lines. To learn more about Southwire’s tools, visit our website at www.southwiretools.com.