SKIL iXO Vivo Power Corkscrew 2354-10 – Review

The Skil iXO has its place as being one of the first affordable lithium ion palm drivers on the market.  It has remained relatively unchanged except for a pink edition and some new accessories.  The iXO just works, it is a great “go to tool”  to have around the house.  The lithium ion battery holds its charge for years and operation is so simple that even women love to use it.  The 4V tool has a good amount of torque and the slow rpm help extend battery life.  I actually used an iXO to run a fuel transfer pump for about 45 min with no issues.

Let’s get to the Vivo part, you have seen videos online of the tool easily removing corkscrews.  It looks like such a breeze, however we did not get the same results.  The tool really bogs down when removing a cork, especially if it is a synthetic cork.  On a few of our trials the tool only tore up the cork and didn’t remove it.  After using the Vivo attachment the tool started to take on a gimmicky sort of feel.  How could this be?  It worked so well on the videos online?  I even gave the Vivo to other people to use and most got the same lack luster results.  The consensus was the same, when I took it out people were in awe and saying how cool.  Then when they saw it operate, interest dwindled and it got a few laughs, that is about it.

Luckily Skil offers the iXO by itself or with other accessories.  The Vivo includes the  corkscrew attachment, a nice shinny metal and rubber bottle plug, a bottle seal cutter and a few 1/4″ hex bits.  The Vivo is hit or miss, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.  We are not a fan of the Vivo attachment, but love the iXO.  It is a great household palm driver that generally is always ready to go with a charge.  Check out Skil.



  1. seems over kill when you have really cool really easy hand cranking models that will remove cork with ease. Seriously you have cork screws that are easier to operate than a can opener


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