I was out on a job site the other day when I heard a foreman tell his worker to put on his work gloves. The worker said he didn’t want to use the work gloves because he lost dexterity. This is common line of thought that has long plagued the work place. Do work gloves make me more prone to accidents because I have less control with the gloves on?

Well, my opinion is this use to be true. We use to only have those builky thick leathger gloves that made your hand look huge, such as when a cartoon character would drop something on their hand and it would swell up. Work gloves do protect in certain instances, but can definitely be a hindrance in others. However, today techology has changed. We have new materials and new machines that make the gloves. They now fit the contour of a worker’s hands. In addition, we have a better understanding of safety and work gloves.

The two biggest material changes are the use of Teflon and Kevlar. These materials can take a better beating than the traditional leather gloves. So does this mean the leather gloves are dead? Well no, even the leather gloves have made changes. They are double stitched with Kevlar fibers instead of cotton fibers They no longer have the seems at the end of the finger tips, so you know can actually feel your work, plus the leather actually takes the beating and not the stitching. Gloves can now be a lot thinner, but provide more protection than the old thick work gloves.

The newer gloves are designed using autocad systems that actually fit to a contractors hand. They now have different sizes of gloves. Yes, it is worth a extra couple of dollars to get a better pair of gloves. After all, this is your hand we are talking about, don’t be cheap! Some work gloves are to thick to provide dexterity for grabbing small objects. There are thin gloves that have reinforcement in the fingers for jobs that might need a little more pretection. Some gloves have more padding in the palm for people who pick up items all day long. Depending on the job your are performing, you can now find the right type of work glove.

Today there are no excuse for not wearing work gloves. If you are performing a job and the gloves don’t feel right, then you probalbly have the wrong type of gloves.