Every year you hear about people getting hurt during  4th of July celebrations.  We have received a couple of questions on our safety page  regarding fire extinguisher uses. Therefore, we will elaborate more on fire extinguishers, and a couple other areas.

Hopefully everything goes safe during your 4th of July celebration, but if not, there are a couple of things you can do in order to have a better out come with regards to fires and medical emergencies. Before you start your activities always have a fire extinguisher close by.  Using an extinguisher is simple, but if a fire starts always call the fire department first.  A fire doubles in size every minute, so if you can get the department on its way instead of waiting 5 minutes, you can help keep things in control.  After you called the fire department, you want to make sure you are out of harms way.  If you are,  and you feel comfortable, grab your extinguisher and pull the pin.  Once you pull the pin, your extinguisher is fully operable.  Next point the nozzle at the base of the fire and pull the handle to release the chemicals from the extinguisher onto the fire.  Remember, always hit the base of the fire.  If at anytime you feel uncomfortable or the fire starts to get away from you, leave the area immediately.  Remember most people do not die from the flames, they die from toxic fumes. The fumes choke out the oxygen from your lungs.

If a medical emergency happens due to a fire work blowing up in your hand, call your emergency response team by dialing 911.  After calling 911, take a clean towel or clean  shirt  and apply pressure to the area that was exposed to the fire works.  Next make sure you elevate your arm or hand above your heart until the ambulance gets to your location.  Easier said then done, but remember to always remain calm.

To stay safe always think ahead and be prepared.  A little extra thought and effort into safety planning on celebration day goes a long way to guaranty a great 4th!!