Most professional power tools are tough.  We use them hard, we drop them, we heat them up and we beat them up.  We do this over and over again.  We don’t stop and think about what we can do to make them last and we should since they are an expensive investment.  Here a re a couple pointers you can use to take care of your power tools.

  • After you are done using the tools for the day and especially for the job, take time and brush off the power tool.  Also take your air compressor and blow off all the dirt on the outside and inside the motor.  By blowing a little air into the vents for the motor, next time you use the tool, it can breath a little easier and run cooler.  A hot running power tool causes more stress on the motors.
  • Inspect your power tools.  Make sure all the screws are in place.  Make sure the power cords do not have any nicks or cuts.
  • Check all moving parts and make sure they move easily and in the right direction.  If it moves and its not meant to move, fix it.  If it doesn’t move and it is meant to move, fix it.
  • Lubricate all the moving parts that need to be lubricated.  These tools are expsoed to different elements throughout the year and this takes a toll on the lubrication, so its important to check.
  • Look for any cracks or even hairline cracks and fix them right away.  This will prevent further damage or even stop water or humidity from getting inside the power tool.
  • Check shoe plates and fill in any major holes.
  • Store you power tools in a cool, DRY place
  • Sharpen blades as necessary.
  • Follow your owners manual

Following these couple of easy steps and taking care of your power tools can save you money in the long run.  Most of these items only take a couple of minutes, but will save you frusteration down the road.