We have all left a saw blade sitting around exposed to the outside elements, such as sap and more.  This plays havoc on your blades as it will rust them and turn them dull fast.  This in turn can cause poor work and put wear and tear on your power tools.

One way to keep you blades looking nice and in tip top shape is to clean them on a regular basis.  When you are done with a blade (meaning it will sit around for over two weeks), spray a little WD40 on the blade.  This will offer a nice protective layer so moisture and other elements will not attack the blade.  Sounds simple, but  most of us  forget and the next thing we know we pick up the blade to do a little cutting, it looks like it is 20 years old.  When this happens you can grab one of two items that will help clean the blade. Either Spic & Span or Simple Green, but don’t mix them, just use one or the other.  You can use a frisbee as a bowl and put either liquid in the frisbee.  Put the saw blade in and let is soak for about 5 minutes.  Now just take a brush and you can wipe everything away.  You will need a little elbow grease on some spots, but you should then be good to go.