Keeping up with your tools’ maintenance isn’t very hard or time consuming.  One item you want to pay particular attention to is your power tool motors.  After you are done for the day, take a couple of minutes and blow some air through the vents to get loose debris away from your motor and contact brushes.  By taking a couple minutes and doing this, you can add years of life to your tools.  This keeps the motor running cooler.  When your motor runs cooler, the brushes will last longer because they are not heating up as much as they would if their were other small items to hold the heat inside the tool.

Most small motors have two brushes, solid block of carbon graphite.  These conduct electricity to the motor and make the tool run.  Well, after time as you can understand these wear down due to friction and will gradually cause the power tool to lose power.  The loss of power is one way to tell you need to replace the brushes, but another way is if you see sparks inside the tool housing.  The key thing to look at here is the amount of sparks. The good news is brushes are usually very easy to replace.

Somewhere on the power tool, you should see how to remove the housing.  If you can not figure this out, take a look at the schematics in the owner’s manual.  Once you get the housing off, you will be able to see the old brushes. They can be removed very easily.  Once you have everything off, brush off the dirt inside the motor.  Try not to use compressed air as this might cause small particle to get into the motor and other switches.

Before you start any project, always look up the prices of a new tool and bruches to make sure it is worth replacing the brush. Sometimes it makes more sense just to buy a new tool!